Competencies & Dispositions

Academic Work, Praxis & Service


Competencies & Dispositions

Advanced Attainment

Think critically

about problems of improving the human condition equitably in this and future generations, while conserving environmental systems necessary to support healthy and vibrant societies.

Expertly applies critical thinking in varied and unstructured problem contexts that require significant independent initiative, innovation and imagination. Demonstrates deep, complex, comprehensive understanding of sustainability concepts and ability to skillfully apply systems thinking to understand tensions, synergies and interactions among social, economic and environmental systems and goals.

Solve problems

by applying sustainability concepts and principles


Expertly solves meaningful, authentic, and challenging problems to advance sustainability goals. Solutions demonstrate ability to develop imaginative, elegant, pragmatic, workable solutions that are carefully tailored to requirements of specific problem contexts and have high likelihood of producing substantial sustainability benefits for a community.

Communicate effectively

to raise awareness, increase understanding and motivate action for sustainability

Expertly communicates messages that raise awareness, increase understanding and motivate action for sustainability in varied contexts. Artfully matches the mode, style, content, language and visual imagery of communications to the audience, context and purpose. Uses graceful, imaginative, compelling and nearly error-free language to communicate expertly constructed messages.


with others, working with and leading groups to advance shared sustainability goals

Engages regularly in substantial, meaningful collaborative work to advance sustainability. Demonstrates exemplary disposition for community service and strong skills as an ‘inclusive leader’ who listens, creates a positive group climate, encourages wide participation, facilitates substantive contributions by group members, builds consensus, and addresses conflict constructively.