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Sustainable Dickinson

Sustainable Dickinson

Sustainability Defines Dickinson

From Academics to Operations

Dickinson is a national leader in educating for a sustainable world. Our commitment to sustainability is manifested in our history, planning documents, and recent and ongoing transformations that are advancing and demonstrating sustainable solutions for the 21st century in our curriculum, campus facilities, operations, culture and civic engagements.

Our approach to sustainability is distinctive for making sustainability a part of every student’s education, infusing it across our liberal arts curriculum, drawing on our strengths in global education to explore and compare experiences of different cultures, and using active learning methods that empower students to connect their classroom studies with sustainable campus operations, resources such as the Dickinson Organic Farm, and engagement with the world beyond campus borders.

We have made a commitment to educating for a sustainable world because the planet is on a trajectory that is not sustainable. Transitioning to a sustainable path is a critical challenge of our times. While the challenge is daunting, promising changes are emerging. To contribute to and help lead a successful transition, our graduates need 21st-century skills that prepare them to integrate knowledge about complex systems, learn from and adapt to changing conditions, and envision and implement sustainable solutions.

Dickinson is:

  1. Integrating sustainability across the college curriculum, spanning the arts and humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences;
  2. Linking our efforts to expand and enhance sustainability in the curriculum with strengths in global education, sustainable campus operations and community focused co-curricular programs; and
  3. Working to infuse awareness, values and practices in campus life and community service that reinforce our sustainability goals.