A Central Factor in our Financial Decisions

Dickinson is investing resources to educate our students to be sustainability leaders and to make our campus a living laboratory for sustainable operations. Since 2006 the college has invested $33.3 million to expand sustainability learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, reduce the ecological footprint of our campus and promote sustainability beyond our campus borders.

The returns on this investment are multiple. Our sustainability commitment sets Dickinson apart from other liberal-arts colleges as a leader in sustainability education; helps us attract students, faculty and staff of high ability, aspiration and civic mindedness; contributes to financial stability by reducing expenditures on energy and other resources; and, central to the college’s mission, enhances the educational experience of Dickinson students. The investment thus benefits our community and the wider world.

The Dickinson Sustainable Investment Group (DSIG), a subcommittee of the President’s Commission on Environmental Sustainability (PCES), provides a forum for the Dickinson community to raise and discuss questions about the college’s investments, act as a liaison between the Dickinson community and the Board of Trustees’ Committee on Investments, and provide input to the Committee on Investments’ conversations about environmental, social and governance issues as they relate to college investments.

Dickinson’s investments in sustainability are all-encompassing. Sustainability is woven into our facilities, curriculum and staff, which includes an associate vice president for sustainability and facilities planning. We also closely monitor our endowment portfolio, believing that companies that adhere to high environmental, social and governance standards ultimately make the best long-term investments.

Brontè D. Jones, Vice President for Finance and Administration