Carbon Neutral in 2020

Dickinson is taking action on climate change. We are working to reduce our emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that warm the planet and change the Earth’s climate. We are educating ourselves, our students and our community about climate change, its causes, consequences and solutions. We are also engaging in international climate change research and action.

Dickinson is working to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), with an ambitious target of driving down our net emissions to zero in 2020. We will officially announce our success on Earth Day: April 22, 2020.

There are two parts to our Climate Neutral by 2020 commitment:

  1. We will reduce by 25% from our 2008 level of GHG emissions that result from heating and cooling our buildings, purchasing electricity, commuting and other activities.
  2. We will take actions that help others to reduce their emissions by an amount that is equal to 75% of our 2008 emissions (offsets).

Check Out Our Carbon Neutrality FAQ

Dickinson was one of the first 20 institutions to sign the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment in 2008, now called the Carbon Commitment. In signing the commitment, Dickinson pledged to adopt a climate action plan that would lead to carbon neutrality and to also integrate education about climate change and sustainability into our curriculum.

Dickinson’s Climate Action Plan set 2020 as our target date for carbon neutrality, making it one of the most aggressive plans amongst higher education institutions. The date was chosen because it is an ambitious yet feasible time frame in which to achieve carbon neutrality. Acheiving this goal will make Dickinson one of the first carbon neutral colleges in the nation.

We plan to reach our 25% emission reduction goal in 2020 through effective climate action planning in all facets of Dickinson College, but we need your help. Climate change needs behavior change and Dickinson needs you! 

Check out what lies ahead for our 2020: Year of Carbon Neutrality