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Dickinson Builds Sustainable Communities

On Campus, Locally, Statewide, Nationally, and Internationally

Civic engagement and community are at the heart of transitioning to a more sustainable society, and are deeply embedded in the Dickinson experience. Dickinson engages in community building on campus, locally, across the state of Pennsylvania, nationally and internationally to promote sustainability practices and learning. Community building, community service, service learning and outreach are supported by countless programs and departments across the college.

Through a broad range of opportunities, both in and out of the classroom, Dickinson encourages students to explore how they connect to a place and how they can make a difference in their communities in informed, thoughtful, and reciprocal ways.  Our sustainability programs and initiatives nurture students’ experience of citizenship, just as Dickinson College as an institution embraces its own civic responsibilities and promise to engage the world.

Ultimately, the locales where our graduates choose to make their homes, work, and contribute to community vitality and sustainability will forever be influenced by the distinctive approach to sustainability education at Dickinson.

Dickinson Builds Sustainable Communities: