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Student Organizations

Sustainability Clubs & Organizations

Earthfest 2015

Students are a core component to advancing sustainability at Dickinson. Clubs and organizations are dynamic entities that allow students to play leadership roles in advancing their goals, hosting events, and providing peer education and outreach about local and global issues of concern related to sustainability.

Some of the student clubs and organizations in the network include:


The Dickinson Eco-Reps program strives to create a community of leaders in sustainability who work to empower others to make sustainable changes in their lives and in their communities through peer education, programming, and outreach.  The program empowers Dickinsonians to represent and lead a community of their choice to become more sustainable and foster connections.  Eco-Reps form a network of leaders that work together to create a sustainable campus.

The Handlebar Bicycle Co-Op:
The Handlebar, operated and maintained by the Center for Sustainability Education (CSE), operates on co-op model that is "for" students, faculty and staff, "by" students, faculty and staff. Shop volunteers teach shop-goers how to maintain their bikes, re-assemble parts and make repairs when necessary. Volunteers are always welcomed, and can be trained through our educational workshop program. The shop and its volunteers reuse bikes and bike parts in order to operate sustainably.

The Hive:
The Hive engages it's members in learning about sustainability problems and solutions through the direct experience of beekeeping, honey production and community building.

Dickinson Free xChange:
The Dickinson Free xChange aims to 1) reduce waste and promote reuse, 2) provide a safe and equitable space for the exchange of second-hand clothing on campus that is accessible to every Dickinsonian and 3) create awareness of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the global fashion industry.

The Treehouse:

The Treehouse functions as both a Special Interest House and a student organization. Also known as the Center for Sustainable Living, the Treehouse promotes sustainable living practices and sharing of sustainability information through events such as soup and breads, open mic nights, and open houses.

Outing Club: 

The Outing Club is a great outlet for Dickinson students looking to try their hand at a wide range of outdoor activities. Activities range from camping to kayaking to rock climbing. The club provides the necessary gear and funding for trips, and transportation. Dickinson students are welcome to attend the weekly meetings, or to contact the club if an upcoming outing has sparked their curiosity and interest.

J Street U Dickinson:
J Street U Dickinson is our campus's chapter of the pro-Israel, pro-peace national student movement. The role on campus includes education about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and about effective advocacy, so that members can be successful in promoting global peace.

Feminist Collective: 
The Feminist Collective strives to integrate the study and practice of an inclusive feminism, one which recognizes the intersectionality of race, class, gender and sexuality. The Collective intends to progressively educate the campus community by challenging the patriarchal prescriptions of our society.

Ethical Eating Club:
Passionate about food security, food sovereignty, sustainable food pathways, world hunger, animal ethics, religious practices around food, plant-based eating, food industrialization, cultural sensitivity to food, and/or more topics within ethics about eating and food? Join Dickinson's ethical eating club!