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Current and Recent Mosaics

Upcoming and Recent Mosaics

Fashioning the Body, Shaping the Nation: Fashion through the lens of History, Culture, Gender, and Race
Nicoletta Marini-Maio (Italian and Film Studies), Amy Farrell (American Studies and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Regina Sweeney (History) - Spring 2024

German Energy Mosaic
Heather Bedi (Environmental Studies) and Antje Pfannkuchen (German) - Spring 2023

Dutch Mosaic: Managing Death and Dying in Compartive Perspective, Spring 2022
Susan Rose (Sociology)

African American Foodways in the Civil Rights Movement Mosaic, Spring 2020 - Did Not Run Due to COVID
Lynn Johnson (African Studies), Say Burgin (History)

Carlisle Mosaic: An Interdisciplinary Study of People, Places, and Policies, Fall 2019
Neil Leary (Center for Sustainability Education), Emily Pawley (History), and Anthony Underwood (Economics)

Rwanda mini Mosaic, Spring 2019
Jeremy Ball (History), Jean-Pierre Karegeye (Philosophy), and Andy Bale (Art and Art History)

Cuba mini-Mosaic: The African Diaspora, May 2018
Trent Masiki (Africana Studies) and Susan Rose (Sociology and Community Studies)

Climate Change and Human Security in Nepal, Fall 2017
Michael Beevers (Environmental Studies), Neil Leary (Center for Sustainability Education), and Michael Fratantuono (International Studies, Business and Management

Natural History Sustainability Mosaic II, Fall 2016
Ashton Nichols (Environmental Studies and English), Marcus Key (Earth Sciences) and H. Eugene Wingert (Biology)

Meltdowns and Waves mini Mosaic: Responding to Disasters in the U.S. and Japan, Summer 2016
Marcus Key (Earth Sciences) and Alex Bates (East Asian Studies)

Mediterranean Migration Mosaic: Italy at the Crossroads, Spring 2016
Marcelo Borges (History), Nicoletta Marini-Maio (Italian) and Susan Rose (Sociology and Community Studies Center)