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Faculty Profile

Gene Wingert

Adjunct Faculty in Biology (2007)

Contact Information

Rector North Room 1310


  • B.A., Shippensburg University, 1967
  • M.Ed., 1972

2022-2023 Academic Year

Fall 2022

BIOL 301 Eurasian Invasion
Beginning in 1492 there has been an exchange of all levels of fauna and flora across the globe. This exchange is known as the Columbian Exchange. The biological consequences of this exchange have been dramatic and all ecosystems on this globe have been altered. Today there exists two Europes, two Africas and two Asias as a result of this exchange of species. One of each exists in the original geographic location and the other in the United States. This course will explore the impact of invasive species on the ecosystems in Central Pennsylvania and to a lesser extent the rest of the United States and the World. This is a field based course. Students will visit local examples of invasive damage, local labs and meet scientists that manage invasive species. Students will also discover the controversies surrounding the purposeful introduction of many species that have become important parts of our local ecosystems.