What is a Mosaic?

The mission of Mosaics is to create collaborative communities of inquiry. Faculty, students, and community partners engage in interdisciplinary field research to create shared knowledge while working toward greater equality, peace, social justice.

The objective of Mosaics is to encourage students to think reflexively about the diverse world in which they live as they engage in collaborative work with local, transnational and international communities. The Mosaics provide opportunities for students to meaningfully apply what they are learning in the classroom, both theoretically and methodologically, to the world beyond—and to bring their experiences back into the classroom.


Fashioning the Body, Shaping the Nation: Fashion through the lens of History, Culture, Gender, and Race
This four course Mosaic will explore the multiple and interacting identities embodied by individuals and communities within the consumer fashion systems: characteristics and commonalities across history; consumer techniques of fashion that show how everyday fashion has become the dominant system; and the development of work and leisure fashion as major sub-systems. We will examine how techniques of consumerism have promoted processes of self-formation and inscribed attributes of gender in particular ways, from femininity and masculinity to the notion of gender fluidity. There will be a three-week in-country research trip to Italy in March 2024 focusing on the Italian fashion system. Directors: Nicoletta Marini-Maio (Italian and Film Studies), Amy Farrell (American Studies and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies), and Regina Sweeney (History).