Sara Pattiz

Sarah PattizFull Story:

On a beautiful day in August 2011 my mother and I took the PATurnpike to visit Dickinson College. When we parked on campus, I was immediately in awe of the beauty surrounding me. We saw the most impressive admissions building of the colleges I had seen on my never-ending search, and we made it just in time for a tour. I was forewarned that it was first-year move-in day, so it was definitely chaotic, but I still got a very positive vibe from all of the students, new and returning. I remember turning to my mom toward the end of the tour and saying, "I want to live here."

When You Know, You Know

During my college search, adults kept telling me "When you're at the right school you'll know" or "You'll get a good feeling." As far as I knew, this feeling thing didn't exist. When I saw Dickinson, the "feeling" developed. From the pristine academic buildings, the upbeat admissions staff, to the positive student body, I was utterly impressed and wanted nothing more than to be a part of it.