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Cost Calculators

Dickinson offers two options to help families to estimate their personal cost of a Dickinson education.

Using a simplified version of our normal application and awarding processes, both are designed to give potential applicants to the college an early estimate of their eligibility for need-based financial aid. 

While each can be a useful tool for college planning, they also have limitations. Carefully read the introductory and explanatory information that is provided with each calculator. As always, if you have questions, please contact us at or 717-245-1308. 



MyinTuition is most appropriate for prospective students and families looking for a quick ballpark estimate. It gives a range of expected costs for 90% of families in a similar situation.  


Net Price Calculator

The Net Price Calculator is most appropriate for prospective students and families needing a close estimate of what their aid package will look like if attending Dickinson. Please have your tax returns and W-2s handy when completing.