Our resources page will answer many of the questions students and their families ask about Dickinson College's financial aid program. Additional information specifically designed for prospective students is available from the Admissions Office.

Financial Aid Updates

Important news, information and updates regarding the financial aid process. 

R&D Sabbatical Expense

Financial Literacy

We want our students, alumni, staff, parents and families to make effective personal finance and student loan decisions.  Therefore, we have partnered with iGrad to provide money management advice, personalized student loan help, straightforward budgeting tools, and more.  Students can use iGrad online at their own pace, attend on-campus events for in-person guidance, and reach out to iGrad’s qualified loan advisors for neutral advice.

Learn more about iGrad.

Campus Life Library

Financial Aid Handbook

We encourage you to read the entire booklet so that you will have a clear understanding of all the financial aid policies applicable to attendance at Dickinson.


Click here if you need help understanding financial aid terms.


Financial Aid Policies for Studying Off-Campus

Everything you need to know if you're applying for financial aid for international or domestic off-campus study

Understanding Student Loan Repayment

Information on managing Federal Loan repayment is available at studentaid.gov. The Loan Simulator estimates what the student's loan debt and repayment amounts are likely to be when the student leaves school. It also provides information about available loan repayment plans.

Code of Conduct

Review the college’s policies regarding student borrowing and other financial issues.