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Off-Campus Study

Financial Aid Policies for Off-campus Study

Students wishing to apply for financial aid for international or domestic off-campus study must first apply via the Center for Global Study and Engagement. In addition, they must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Dickinson's Online Financial Aid Application and a State Grant Application (if appropriate). Eligibility is affected by the type of study abroad program, as outlined below:

Dickinson and Dickinson Partner Programs

Students studying in Dickinson programs can receive aid from the sources for which they demonstrate eligibility, including federal, state and Dickinson grant, scholarship and loan programs. The Bologna program also offers limited Federal Work-Study opportunities. The Central Pennsylvania Consortium (CPC) is treated as a Dickinson program for financial aid purposes.  

Dickinson Summer, Globally-Integrated, and Mosaic Programs

Students currently receiving need-based Dickinson grant assistance may receive aid for summer, globally-integrated or mosaic programs in addition to the eight semesters traditionally required for graduation. 

Eligible students will first receive loan assistance. Grant aid, through the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation, will be awarded to students with the highest financial need. (The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation was established in 2009 to assist needy students. The Stabler Foundation hopes that recipients of their scholarships will contribute to the Stabler Foundation by affirming that they will endeavor to make their own contributions to the Stabler fund after they have repaid their student loans.)

Because a budgeted amount of Stabler grant aid is available for these programs, students must apply early. Applicants will receive short-term program financial aid shortly after they have been accepted into their program and before they must make their enrollment decision. 

Non-Dickinson Programs

Students studying off-campus through a non-Dickinson program may receive state grants, Federal Pell Grants, Federal Direct Loans, Federal PLUS Loans and a variety of alternative loans and financing systems. Students are not eligible for Dickinson merit scholarships, need-based grants or endowed scholarships, or Federal Work-Study. Unused funds from these programs cannot be transferred to another semester.

Important Note for students in Non-Dickinson Programs:

If you would like the College to make payment on your behalf, send all host school bills to Dickinson’s Center for Global Study and Engagement. You and your family will be responsible for paying Dickinson College any amount not covered by federal and/or state financial aid. There is a $65 administrative fee for this service.

If you prefer, you may pay your host institution directly, then reimburse yourself after your financial aid has been processed, credited to your Dickinson College student account and refunded to you. Please note that credit refunds must be requested from our student accounts office at: 717-245-1953 or

Whether you elect to have Dickinson make payment on your behalf or pay your host institution directly, you must complete an Off-Campus Financial Aid Information Form, which will allow the financial aid office to execute a consortium or contractual agreement with the host institution. This document specifies that Dickinson College will be solely responsible for processing your financial aid.

Please understand that if the above procedures are not followed, you will not be able to receive financial aid for your off-campus program of study. You are encouraged to make an appointment with your financial aid counselor to discuss your specific questions and situation.