Sabiha Madraswalla

Sabiha MadraswallaCommunity-a defining point of the college search  

I grew up by the campus of a larger university, so I had already got that "big-school" feeling, and knew I didn't want it. I would walk around the campus and see students walking alone, and I realized that I wanted a school where I could have a conversation with someone while I was walking to class—a school with a good sense of community. When I visited Dickinson during the school year, I immediately saw the sense of community that I was looking for. The students were very nice and welcoming, as were all the professors I met. This idea of community was a defining point in my college search. I also really liked the international focus that Dickinson had, the campus was beautiful, and it was a perfectly sized campus for me. It had everything I want, and I liked it so much that I applied Early Decision! 

Getting Involved 

I've been pretty active in the Dickinson community since I've been here. I'm a tour guide and am also part of the Muslim Student Association. I am also very involved in community service—I was one of the coordinators for the ESL program, which is one of the many community service opportunities here at Dickinson. I also went on a service trip during spring break my first year to New Orleans. I'm on the Relay for Life committee, so I was involved in organizing Relay for Life at school this past year. I'm also in a couple honor societies that have a community service requirement, such as the Education Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society and the general campus honor society.