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Application Information

We're glad that you're interested in applying to Dickinson College! This page contains valuable information that will help you with your application.

Admissions Overview

When you join our community, you'll find that Dickinson is committed to recruiting the most socially, ethnically, geographically and economically diverse student body possible.

The Office of Admissions believes that the best predictor for academic success in college is high grades earned in solid academic courses from an accredited secondary school. This record offers the clearest signals of high motivation, good study habits, strong self-discipline and intellectual curiosity.

Because Dickinsonians are engaged citizens and leaders in society, the admission committee also looks at engagement in outside activities—the talents, interests and leadership potential you have demonstrated through school and community activities, as well as your ability to articulate your fit with Dickinson's distinctive character.

Application FAQs

You've got questions, we've got answers! Read on to get all the information you've been wondering about.

Application Checklist

What do you need to do to apply, and in what order? Find out all of that and more by going through our handy application checklist.


Recognizing that each student is different, works at a different pace and has a different level of interest in Dickinson, we offer two programs for admission:

  • Early Decision allows you to declare Dickinson as your first choice and enter the admission process early, enjoying a review process focused on your individual merits rather than the strengths of the larger pool.
  • Regular Decision is our largest pool and candidates are admitted ubased on how competitive they are within the overall applicant pool as well as their demonstration of fit with Dickinson.

High School Preparation

The minimum requirement for entrance to Dickinson is the satisfactory completion of a secondary-school program of at least 16 units, including four units of English, three units of natural science (at least two with labs), two units of social science and three units of college-preparatory mathematics. Two units of one world language is preferred, but not required. The remaining units should be within these academic areas. Most applicants to Dickinson complete more than the minimum requirements. This requirement can be met with an official secondary school transcript or GED (must include a completion date).

Degree Requirements

Dickinson has established requirements for the degree that each student must meet in order to graduate. It is incumbent on prospective students to familiarize themselves with these requirements when considering whether to apply or enroll at Dickinson. Degree requirements, including foreign language, are fundamental to the college's mission. Because they are fundamental to Dickinson's view of a broad-based, global education, they will not be waived for any student.

Test-Optional Policy

We have been test optional since 1994, although we briefly suspended all standardized-test submission for a period during the COVID-19 pandemic. View our Test-Optional FAQ for additional information.

Applying for Financial Aid

Applications for need-based financial aid are due at the same time a candidate applies for admission consideration. All first-year students who demonstrate financial need and meet financial-aid application deadlines are offered packages designed to make attendance at Dickinson financially feasible.

To apply for assistance, submission of the CSS PROFILE and the FAFSA is required. For additional information, watch this video on how to apply for financial aid. 


Most merit scholarship consideration does not require a separate application. Scholarship programs are open to all applicants for admissions whether or not they are need-based aid candidates. Competitive applicants will be top performing students in a rigorous curriculum who demonstrate a high level of engagement outside the classroom and may also achieve superior standardized test scores. 

Special Opportunities

Through the Global Citizen Year Fellowshipcommunity college partnerships and the Yellow Ribbon program, Dickinson offers a number of unique opportunities.