There are many ways to make a Dickinson education possible. Whether you are considering early admission, pursuing unique opportunities prior to enrollment or exploring part-time coursework, we are here to support you in your planning.

Public Service Fellowship

Do you want to make a difference in the community, the country or the world? If so, consider the Dickinson College Public Service Fellowship. In this innovative program, exceptional high-school graduates earn tuition credits of up to $40,000 while working to improve the society in which they live. Each year of meaningful public-service work--including service as a Global Citizen Year Fellow--earns participants a $10,000 tuition credit toward their tuition at Dickinson. Upon matriculation such Public Service Fellows receive priority consideration for positions as resident advisors, community advisors and other opportunities to further reduce tuition and fees and gain additional leadership experience.


Learn more about the Public Service Fellowship or apply to Dickinson.

Community College Partnership Program

Recognizing that the path to a four-year degree can be blazed not only from high school, Dickinson has established a Community College Partnership Program that is active, coordinated and structured and goes well beyond the passive articulation agreements found between most community and four-year colleges. Dickinson’s collaboration allows students to reduce tuition costs by attending one of our region’s five top community colleges during their first two years. While there, they participate in a special honors program, receive academic advising from Dickinson faculty members and maintain a minimum of a 3.25 GPA. The students then transfer to Dickinson for their final two years. To kick off this initiative, Dickinson has partnered with two community colleges in Maryland—Howard Community College and Montgomery College—and two in Pennsylvania—Montgomery County Community College and Northampton Community College.

Dickinson's Community College Partnership Program was highlighted in The Washington Post in a 2009 article, "The Best and the Brightest Take a Detour" that discusses how recession-wary honor students are using community college as door to elite schools.

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Yellow Ribbon Program

Dickinson's historic mission of educating engaged citizens and leaders has driven participation in a government program allowing post-9/11 United States veterans—and in some cases, their dependents—to enroll with significantly reduced tuition. Dickinson is one of more than 1,000 colleges and universities participating in the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program. This federal effort allows qualifying students to pay no more for their Dickinson tuition than the maximum in-state fees at a state school. They may also receive a stipend for books and supplies. This initiative opens new doors for veterans and provides them with unprecedented access to higher education.

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Non-Traditional Students

Non-traditional students wishing to pursue courses at the college for personal enrichment or who do not want these courses to count toward a degree at Dickinson College may apply for permission to take a course on a space available basis. Courses may be taken for credit or non-credit (audit). For additional information, contact the Registrar’s Office at or 717-245-1315.