Surya Brown-Moffitt

Surya Brown-MoffittAs a girl born and bred in California, I was a little hesitant to look at schools on the East Coast. Snow was a bit of a foreign thing and, seeing as cold for me is anything under 50 degrees, I wasn’t sure I was cut out for the East Coast winter. But I kept looking and Dickinson eventually caught my eye.

 It seemed to me that at most schools you spend more of your time doing the things you are required to do than the things you love. Dickinson, however, seemed to have somehow mixed the two. All the classes sounded amazing and all of the students I met were so passionate. I was amazed that these people were able to incorporate their interests into whatever they were doing. Now, I still don’t know what my passion is, but I figured that being surrounded by people with such passion would help me find mine.

The moment I arrived at Dickinson I fell in love. I had done my homework, learning what I could about the college from the Internet. I was drawn to Dickinson’s emphasis on fieldwork, hands-on learning and dedication to providing a global education. I could see myself getting involved in the study abroad programs, clubs, and at the organic farm. When I walked on campus, the picture filled in. Dickinson became a place where I could see myself being happy as well as challenged.

I loved that students were encouraged to explore and figure out what they find interesting on their own time and that that students are absolutely expected to develop a personal relationship with their professors. After so many schools that didn’t seem to care about their students, this was refreshing. If you are not free to experience all that is offered to you, how can you know that you are doing what you love? And now as a freshman I know I picked the right school as I look forward to exploring a long list of clubs and meeting all the wonderful students and teachers in the Dickinson community.