Dickinson's Bee Cooperative

The Hive is a unique living laboratory at Dickinson. The Hive engages it's members in learning about sustainability problems and solutions through the direct experience of beekeeping, honey production and community building.  Two European honey bee hives (Apis mellifera) were installed on Dickinson's campus behind Rector Hall. Since then, members of The Hive Cooperative have been charged with the care and keeping of the bees as well as educating the campus community about bees, habitat, pollination, honey and value added product generation. Ultimately, learning by doing. The Center for Sustainability Education (CSE), has been managing the cooperative at Dickinson since 2016, and relies on our active working groups to bring together Dickinson students, faculty, staff, alumni, families, and community members to support the work. We need you!

Keeping honey bees is in immensely rewarding experience, but The Hive @ Dickinson is about much more than just keeping bees so they make us honey and money. Members of The Hive advocate for pollinator-friendly policies, build and improve native bee habitats on and off campus, and particpate in educational programs on the significance of pollinators and the challenges facing them. We have a list serve to keep you informed, you can reach out to thehive@dickinson.edu to be added to that. However, we are looking for those that want to learn and lead in our working group areas. To learn more:

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The Hive, Dickinson's Bee Cooperative


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