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Dickinson Market

Online Marketplace for Dickinsonians

Dson market logo circularDickinson College values sustainability and prioritizes and promotes reuse of goods and sharing of skills and services within the Dickinson community. The DsonMarket online community was designed to support the buying, selling and trading of goods and services by Dickinson students, faculty and staff. Built and maintained by Dickinsonians, for Dickinsonians. We aim to create a safe, inclusive online marketplace where you can save/make money, reduce carbon emissions and interact with others in support of sustainability at Dickinson. This platform is intended for the buying, selling or trading of personal items, not college-owned property.

This free online platform is supported by the Center for Sustainability Education, but was built and maintained by Dickinson students who saw a problem and created a solution using a combination of academic knowledge, technical skills, networking, and determination. 

The Dickinson Free xChange has been an amazing asset to our community, but there remained a need for an online platform for Dickinsonians to safely buy, sell and trade items such as appliances, dorm room items, electronics, bikes, etc. A collective team of students and staff worked together to create DsonMarket, an online community and platform that safely allows for these exchanges. DsonMarket requires a profile to enter, which ensures you are communicating and exchanging with Dickinsonians, only. The below guidelines explain the community standards within this platform.

DsonMarket Community Guidelines

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How It Works:

1. Visit
2. Sign Up (if new) or Sign In (if you already have an account) using your address.
3. Set up profile, cover image, and about me section. Include contact info.
4. Create your first post for selling or buying. Must include either #wtb, #wts, #wanttobuy, or #wanttosell.
5. Use the search bar to find items you are seeking or scroll feed to see the latest listings.
6. Comment to begin exchanges and make arrangements. 
7. Mark exchange completed to end post and comments. Item will no longer appear in searches.

Important Notes:

  • This platform can only be used by those with e-mail address.
  • This platform is intended for the sale of personal items ONLY, not college-owned property. College owned property needs to handled using Dickinson’s Surplus Property Policy.
  • For posts with the #wanttosell (#wts) tag, you must include at least one (1) clear photo of the product you are selling. Up to 8 photos can be included in a #wanttosell post. This ensures transparency and helps potential buyers make informed decisions. Photos are optional on #wanttobuy (#wtb) posts and in the comments sections.
  • No money or financial information is to be stored, shared, or exchanged in this platform. Any sales should be completed using third party, protected financial applications like Venmo, Zelle, etc. There is no financial protections provided by DsonMarket.
  • Be honest, appropriate, inclusive, accurate, fair and transparent. Report inappropriate content immediately using the "report" function.

For more information about this project or platform contact:

Center for Sustainability Education