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Sustainability Education Funding

Other Funding Opportunities

The Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) and Research and Development (R & D) share proposals when they are deemed appropriate to the other program. The two departments confer on award decisions and occasionally share the cost of supporting a project. CSE generally follows R & D practices for eligible expenses and payment of stipends, but there can be some differences.

For more information, please see the following links to other grant departments at Dickinson College.

Conference Attendance:

Support of costs to attend a conference should be applied for from R & D if a paper is to be presented and from the Dean's conference fund if a paper will not be presented. CSE will consider funding portions of reasonable costs of conference attendance that exceed awards from R & D and the Dean's conference fund if attendance of the conference is integral to a teaching or professional development project.

Prospective applicants are invited to contact Lindsey Lyons at CSE to discuss project ideas. All applicants are strongly encouraged to seek external funding for projects. Please contact the Corporate, Foundation and Government Support Office for more information about external funding.