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Dean's Faculty Conference Fund

Dean's Faculty Research Fund

This is a funding program that supports attendance at professional conferences and is administered by R&D.

Full-time faculty are eligible for the Dean’s Faculty Research Fund. A set amount (currently $670) is identified for each faculty member on an annual basis. The funds can accumulate for up to three years.

This account intends to support faculty attendance at conferences and meetings where the faculty member is not presenting. It can also be used in combination with an R&D Travel to Present grant if the expenses exceed the limits of the R&D grant.

Additionally, as part of a 3-year pilot, these funds can be used for the following types of expenses:

  • Professional association memberships, Journal or other subscriptions (if funding is not available through the Library or ITS)
  • Purchase of data sets, sample analysis, art supplies, or other research materials and consumables (NOT including computers, computer hardware, or laboratory equipment)
  • Travel for research
  • Compensation for research subjects
  • Leadership development materials and opportunities
  • Books and other materials related to pedagogical development or curricular innovation.

Currently, no advanced notice or application is needed to use these funds but it does require a separate expense form if it is not connected to an existing R&D Award. If the funds will be used to cover an overage from a current R&D award, only the R&D Expense Form is necessary.  

To request reimbursement please submit the DFRF Expense Form electronically to and send your electronic receipts for all expenses to