Dean's Faculty Conference Fund" (formerly known as 1% fund)

This is a funding program which supports attendance at professional conferences. It is now administered by R&D.

Full time faculty are eligible for the "Dean's Faculty Conference Fund."  A set amount (currently $670) is identified for each faculty member on an annual basis.  The funds can accumulate for up to three years.

The intent of the "Dean's Faculty Conference Fund" is to support faculty attendance at conferences and meetings where the faculty member is not presenting.  It can also be used in combination with an R&D travel to present grant if the expenses exceed the limits of the R&D grant.

To request reimbursement please submit the R&D Expense Form electronically to and send your receipts for all travel expenses to Ellen Pfarr, Old West.  Special note: If you combine Dean's Faculty Conference Funds with an R&D travel grant, only one expense form is necessary.