2023-2024 R&D Committee Members

Committee Chair

Alyson Thibodeau, Geosciences
Phone: (717) 254-8337


Antje Pfannkuchen, German
E-mail: pfannkua@dickinson.edu
Phone: (717) 254-8151

Xiaolu Wang, International Business & Management
E-mail: wangx@dickinson.edu
Phone: (717) 254-8725

Theresa Arndt, Associate Director for Library Resources & Administration
Non-voting member
E-mail: arndtte@dickinson.edu
Phone: (717) 245-1750

Ben Sweger, Associate Director of Sponsored Projects
Non-voting member
E-mail: swegerb@dickinson.edu
Phone: (717) 254-8911

Cheryl Kremer '90, Assistant Vice President for College Advancement, Academic & Foundation Relations
Administrator Liason to the R&D Committee, non-voting member
E-mail: kremerc@dickinson.edu
Phone: (717) 245-1098

Katie Landis
Administrative Support for the R&D Committee
E-mail: landiska@dickinson.edu
Phone: (717) 245-1200