Sustainable pre-orientation

Sustainable Local Adventure: Pre-orientation program

Dickinson’s Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) was founded in 2008 with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and matching contributions from the college. The founding of CSE was coincident with the launch of Dickinson’s comprehensive, institutionwide sustainability initiative, with the intent that the center lead and enable development of sustainability as a defining characteristic of a Dickinson education.

All members of the Dickinson community share responsibility for the Dickinson sustainability initiative, and its component elements are guided, supported and implemented by multiple offices and programs. CSE’s role in the initiative focuses on student learning, integrating sustainability across the curriculum and supporting cocurricular programs that engage students in advancing sustainability goals. CSE also functions as a hub for the collegewide initiative, connecting, supporting and championing other elements of Dickinson’s sustainability efforts.

In 2015-16, the Center for Sustainability Education created a five-year strategic plan and defined five goals to pursue from 2017 to 2021:

  • Enable and enhance a curriculum at Dickinson College that is rich in opportunities for exploring sustainability.
  • Support and improve living laboratory and other cocurricular opportunities for practicing sustainability.
  • Advance Dickinson as a leader in transforming liberal education for an inclusive, just and sustainable world.
  • Nurture and strengthen mutually beneficial college-community partnerships for sustainability.
  • Enable CSE staff members to advance their professional knowledge and skills.