Anti-Racism Statement

Our Commitment to Anti-Racist Action

We, the staff of the Center for Sustainability Education, condemn the systemic racism that is responsible for violence and harms perpetrated against Black, Indigenous, and people of color. We commit ourselves to anti-racist action. We will listen, educate ourselves, examine our biases, actively support groups working against racism, and strive to make anti-racism a focus of our work. We will partner in research and education of others to help experts in these issues be better leaders, and we will unite efforts for this work.

A sustainable society has clean air, clean water, a safe climate, resilient and biologically diverse natural systems, strong communities, healthy people, economic opportunity, and living wages. A sustainable society is also, necessarily, just, equitable, inclusive, without violence, and without racism. To be successful, the sustainability movement must be anti-racist. To be effective agents of change within the movement, we must engage in anti-racist work. 

We welcome your thoughts on how to evolve our work to be reliable allies in ending racism. 

Neil Leary, Director

Lindsey Lyons, Assistant Director

Makeeba Browne, EcoLeague Coordinator

Sumaiya Quayum, Administrative Assistant