Steering Committee

The Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) Steering Committee advises the Center and acts as a liaison between the Center and the faculty, administration, staff and students.

2017-18 members include:

  • Michael Beevers, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies
  • Elizabeth Bodenman, '20, Student
  • Samantha Brandauer, Executive Director, Center for Global Study and Engagement and Associate Provost
  • Erin Crawley-Woods, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance
  • Lars English, Professor, Physics
  • Rachel Gross, ’19, Student
  • Jenn Halpin, Manager, Dickinson College Farm
  • Alex Haver, '20, Student
  • Luella Karpoff, '20, Student
  • Neil Leary, Director, Center for Sustainability Education
  • Lindsey Lyons, Assistant Director, Center for Sustainability Education
  • Antje Pfannkuchen, Assistant Professor, German
  • Susan Rose, Professor, Sociology and Director, Community Studies Center
  • Pete Sak, Professor, Earth Sciences
  • Julie Vastine, Director, Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring
  • Marcus Welker, Projects Coordinator, Center for Sustainability Education

If you are interested in serving on the CSE Steering Committee, please contact Neil Leary.