What is CSE?

Facilitating Pre-Orientation Program

CSE interns facilitate sustainability education program for first year students during pre-orientation.

Sustainability is a Defining Characteristic

The Center for Sustainability Education (CSE) creates, enhances and connects opportunities for learning about sustainability in and out of the classroom. Working with a variety of partners, CSE supports activities that use the campus as a living laboratory for sustainability, helps faculty members incorporate sustainability in their teaching and research, funds student-faculty research, organizes speakers and events, serves as an information hub for all facets of Dickinson’s sustainability efforts, and employs student interns to lead and assist with these and other efforts.

Our partners include academic departments, student organizations, offices of Facilities Management, Student Development, Residence Life, LGBTQ Services, Student Leadership & Campus Engagement, the Dickinson College Organic Farm, the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM), the Center for Global Study and Engagement, the Community Studies Center, the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues, and other groups.

Examples of CSE activities include:

  • Serving as an information hub for all facets of Dickinson’s sustainability efforts;
  • Employing student interns to work on sustainability projects
  • Coordinating Eco-Reps, a peer-to-peer education program for sustainable living;
  • Operating the Handlebar, Dickinson's on campus bicycle co-op
  • Managing the Biodiesel Shop to produce a renewable fuel from waste vegetable oil;
  • Helping faculty incorporate sustainability in courses with grants and advice;
  • Supporting student-faculty research projects;
  • Offering faculty workshops on sustainability, climate change, & place-based education;
  • Working to promote learning about sustainability in a global context;
  • Teaching sustainability courses;
  • Coordinating Dickinson’s Climate Action Plan;
  • Inventorying Dickinson’s greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Taking Dickinson students & faculty to UN climate change conference;
  • Organizing conferences, speakers, and other events.