The staff of the Wellness Center is bound by legal and ethical guidelines regarding client confidentiality.  For a full review of our privacy policy, please click here.

Individuals and offices outside the Wellness Center are not informed that a particular student has sought services unless (1) the student provides written consent to release such information; or (2) the student is judged to be an imminent danger to self or others, in which case steps are taken to insure the safety of both the student and others.

This confidentiality applies to students who have established a treatment relationship with the Wellness Center and to the information learned during that treatment. Confidentiality of third party information about a student cannot be guaranteed.

Appointment Attendance

The Wellness Center seeks to provide services to all Dickinson students and as such it is important that students keep all appointments scheduled at the Wellness Center or notify the office in a timely manner, preferably 24 hours in advance when possible, if they are unable to keep an appointment.

Failure to cancel appointments or other patterns of poor attendance may jeopardize a student’s access to Wellness Center services. Students will receive a warning prior to being denied access to services and referrals to community resources.

No Show Policy

As of July 2019, the Wellness Center will be implementing a "No Show" policy that will result in a $15 fee for no shows and late cancellations, except for appointments with our psychiatrist or physician, which will result in a $25 fee for all no shows and late cancellations. Appointments must be cancelled within 4 hours of the scheduled appointment time or the no show fee will be accessed.  The Wellness Center is instituting this policy to improve access to services for students. When a student does not show for an appointment or cancel in advance, it prevents our office from offering the appointment to another student.  See full no show policy.

Leaves of Absence

Students may struggle with physical or mental health concerns that impair their functioning to the point that they need a higher level of care than the Wellness Center can offer and/or they can no longer manage both treatment and academic/social responsibilities on campus. In these cases, the college provides options for students to leave the college while protecting their student status.

Please refer to the academic bulletin section entitled "Changes in Student Status" for more information about this policy. Students needing assistance deciding whether a leave of absence makes sense, or assessing alternative options, may wish to speak to either the Associate Dean of Students, who manages the leave process, and/or consult with the Wellness Center.

Other Academic Policies

Class Absences

The Wellness Center does not provide excuses for missing class for routine appointments. We assume that these kinds of absences are taken care of by faculty attendance policies regarding class absences.

When a treatment provider recommends that a student refrain from going to class (e.g., mono, going home for specialty healthcare, experiencing a mental health crisis), a student may sign a release permitting the Wellness Center to inform the appropriate College Dean. The College Dean will then inform the appropriate faculty as needed. Messages from the College Dean indicating that a student will be absent (or has already been absent) are sent to inform professors that we have been notified of the basis/reason for that absence (e.g. illness, death in the family or family crisis, etc.). It does not, however, provide an excused absence – only professors of the course have that authority.


Students struggling to complete their work by the end of the semester due to illness or other serious emergency may request an incomplete in a course to allow an extension of time until Roll Call of the next semester to complete the work. Students must have the permission of the professor in the course and supporting documentation from a health care provider.

The form to request an incomplete as well as additional information about incompletes can be found here. For more information please contact the Office of the Registrar who administers the process for incompletes or the Academic Standards Committee who makes final determinations about getting them (  Students may also wish to be in contact with their treatment provider, professor, and class dean for additional support coordination.

Health Related Withdrawals

Students may wish to withdraw from a course due to physical or mental health problems experienced during the course of the semester that are interfering with their capacity to take a full course load and/or their capacity to take a particular course. If approved, this withdrawal does not count toward a student’s two withdrawals allowed by the college. For more information about this option and the procedure by which to petition the Academic Standards Committee, please refer to the petition guidelines.  

Disability Services and Accommodations

Students with documented health or mental health concerns that impair daily life functioning may qualify for accommodations with the college. Students can apply for accommodations for academics, housing, or the meal plan by submitting documentation to the Disability Services Office. For policies and procedures of how to apply, as well as copies of necessary forms for students and treatment providers, please visit Disability Services.