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The Access and Disability Services (ADS) team strives to ensure that Dickinson programs, services and facilities are accessible to all Dickinson students on a non-discriminatory basis. ADS is committed to working with all eligible students with documented disabilities -- and with faculty and staff -- to provide reasonable accommodations in the academic and/or living environment.

According to the CDC, one in four American adults has a disability, and we're here to support all students who disclose their disability(ies) to ADS. Disclosures are completely confidential and will never appear on a student's college record. 


We're delighted to welcome you to the ADS family! If you are in need of any type of accommodation(s) at Dickinson--whether due to a learning, neurodevelopmental, or physical disability, or a medical or mental health diagnosis, please complete our Disclosure and Request for Accommodations Form ASAP, and we will provide you with next steps.

For guidance regarding various types of accommodations (academic, housing, dietary, physical/mobility, chronic medical conditions, or supports for temporary impairments), click on "Accommodation Types" in the black menu box. For more information about the complete disclosure and academic accommodations process, see Disclosing and Documenting a Disability to Request Academic Accommodations. If you'd like to receive guidance over the phone, please email us at with your availability and we'll schedule a time to connect. 


Accommodations and Supports Through Access & Disability Services

Have an IEP or a 504 Plan in high school?

So did about 20% of Dickinson students! Dickinson values diverse types of learners and is committed to ensuring that all students are afforded equitable access to all living and learning experiences. If you have (or you're the parent of a student with) a learning difference or a disability – including a mental health, medical, or physical impairment – that may require accommodations, this informational session explains the confidential accommodation process, shares information about how various accommodations are implemented at Dickinson, and dispels some of the common myths regarding use of accommodations at Dickinson.

What's it like to disclose a disability to Dickinson? Here is a short and worthwhile video montage of testimonials, featuring five students with disabilities talking about using accommodations and being successful Dickinsonians. 


If you have any questions whatsoever, email or call (717) 245-1734.

Questions? Here's who to contact regarding...


Here's a reminder of how to set up your Access Plan through CLIQ to set up your accommodations online.

If you have been granted academic accommodations, but are not currently using them, it’s not too late to do so (provided that there’s adequate time to set up what’s necessary). Email us if you have any questions.

If you are seeking any additional accommodations, please follow our online instructions to your "Disability Disclosure and Accommodation Request" form, add any additional information or requests, and email us to let us know that you have.


If you have any disability or accommodation-related grievances if you would like to appeal an accommodation determination, or if you feel you have been discriminated against on the basis of a disability, you have several options:

1. Email the ADS Dean and Director Marni Jones at, CCing, and explain what happened or your concern (or else request a meeting to do so). Any information that you share will be kept strictly confidential. 
2. If you'd like to report bias on the basis of a disability, you can file a Bias Incident Report by going to
3. If neither of the above is preferable to you, follow the steps outlined in this Disability-Related Complaints Policy, which provides information on the process for both informal and formal complaints, grievances, or appeals. 


ADS Access and Communications Coordinator, John Joyce, is available to meet privately with students to address any disability / accommodation-related questions or concerns by phone, by Zoom, or in person. To schedule a time to meet, email and convey the reason you'd like to connect, along with several times when you would be available. Please also express whether you’d like to connect via phone, Zoom, or in person.


Whether you have a documented disability, or you'd like to be evaluated to see if you might, ADS is committed to supporting the access needs of all Dickinsonians regardless of socio-economic status. If you're experiencing a barrier to equitable access AND a financial barrier, complete this confidential "Request for Disability-Related Financial Assistance" form.

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If you have any questions about accommodations at Dickinson based on a disability or temporary impairment, please look through this website for information. If you still have remaining questions, please send them to

Here is Dickinson's full Policy and Procedural Statement on Accommodating Students with Disabilities. 

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Marni JonesDean and Director of Access and Disability Services and SOAR: Strategies, Organization, and Achievement Resources


John JoyceAssociate Director
Susan FrommerAssistant Director and Proctoring Manager
Emily WetzelAccommodation Facilitator and Technologist






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