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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the Wellness Center located? 

We are located in the Kline Annex, on Cherry Street (between High & Louther Streets)

The main entrance provides access to all Wellness Center services which are ALL ACCESSIBLE via the 1st floor. 

Health Services: 1st Floor
Counseling & Psychiatric Services: 1st Floor
Nutrition Services: 1st Floor

Who can use services at the Wellness Center? 

All active students enrolled in courses on campus are eligible to receive services at the Wellness Center, regardless of health insurance plan. Employees and community members are not eligible to receive treatment at the Wellness Center.

What is the cost of services at the Wellness Center? 

Regardless of which service is used, there is generally no charge for office visits, with the one exception being substance use assessments that are mandated by Student Conduct. There is single $75 fee for these two-part assessments.

There are also minimal costs for blood draws, lab tests, medications, and some other medical services.  Please refer to the list of Health Services Fees for more information.

In addition, there is a fee for no shows and late cancellations (with less than 24 hours notice).  Please refer to our full No Show policy.

Who can access Student Health Information? 

All student health information provided to the Wellness Center is kept within the Wellness Center. Staff members of the Wellness Center share information with other providers within the center to ensure that there is collaboration of care across the disciplines (e.g., a nurse practitioner sharing information with a psychologist). However, no information may leave the Wellness Center unless it falls under one of the major exceptions permitted by law, including imminent risk to harm oneself or someone else or when the student gives permission for the release of health information.

Parents or employees at the college who wish to consult about a student’s health care with Wellness Center staff must ask the student to sign a release of information. This form is available at the Wellness Center and the limits of the information to be shared will be discussed with the student. Prior to this document being signed, the Wellness Center staff will not be able to confirm or deny whether a student is being seen. The staff will also not be able to give information about the care that the student is receiving. The staff will be able to receive information from third parties, but this information may be shared with the student the information is about if and when the student is seen at the Wellness Center or shared with other college personnel if there are imminent concerns for safety. 

How do students access services at the Wellness Center? 


Most services at the Wellness Center are provided by appointment only, just like primary care providers and private practice therapists. Appointments for health are scheduled over the phone (717-245-1663),requests for counseling appointment should be made in person. Nutrition appointments are currently limited as we look to hire a new dietitian. 

Crisis Walk In Hours

Monday - Friday
11 a.m. - noon
2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
(No appointment needed)

Our same-day crisis services are designed to assist students who are confronting life-threatening circumstances, current or recent traumatic crises, and serious mental illness.  A counselor is available to meet with students in crisis when not being seen immediately could lead to serious consequences or seriously aggravate their existing condition. The reason it is limited to these circumstances is that another student’s counseling visit may need to be interrupted to provide you with crisis services.  

After Hours Care: What if I need help after normal business hours? 

Students who develop health concerns after hours have several options.


Dial 911 Immediately, or call DPS (717) 245-1111 for assistance regardless if the emergency is medical or mental health in nature. Students in a mental health crisis after hours may utilize the 24/7 mental health support Telus Support Program (formally My SSP) by downloading the app or visiting Crisis support is available via phone or text.

Non-Emergency Medical Advice

Call Team Health (877) 229-4183 to speak with a nurse after hours. 

Non-Emergency Care

Students who would like non-emergency, walk-in appointments with a healthcare provider may be able to receive services by All Better Care or Holy Spirit Carlisle Urgent Center. This center offers evening and weekend hours, when the Wellness Center is closed. Call (717) 218-3920 for current operating hours. DPS can arrange transportation. 

Illness/Injury Sick Meals

Students who are injured, ill, or medically unable to come to the dining hall may designate a person to pick up a meal from the Dining Hall. The person picking up the meals must present their Dickinson College ID card as well as the Dickinson College ID card for the ill or injured student when entering the Dining Hall to confirm the authorized identity. Sick and injured meals will be comprised of appropriate food, including accommodations for dietary restrictions.  The injured or ill student must complete the meal request form in advance.


How and where can students get prescriptions filled? 

Prescription Delivery 

The Wellness Center has an agreement with a local pharmacy to arrange prescription delivery during the academic year. Quality Care Pharmacy will deliver prescriptions to our office, at which point we will email students to pick it up, at no additional charge. Interested in this service? Call Quality Care Pharmacy (717) 249-5691 to get started.

Local Area Pharmacy Options 

In addition, there are several other pharmacy options to which students may drive, walk or get a ride to via the college offered medical transport service. DPS operates the medical transportation program. Contact DPS at 717-245-1349 for more information on medical transportation. 

Breaks: How is care coordinated over school breaks? 

Students can use the Wellness Center for healthcare needs during the academic year; however, students should maintain home healthcare providers for breaks, particularly those of length like winter and summer. With proper releases signed, Wellness Center staff members will coordinate student care with home treatment providers. All students receiving psychiatric medication provided by the Wellness Center are required to have home healthcare providers to continue to follow up over these breaks. 

ADD/ADHD and Other Learning Differences: What services are available for students with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and other types of learning differences?

The Wellness Center is available to students needing treatment (counseling and/or psychiatry (excluding stimulant medication). Students with ADD/ADHD and other learning differences may benefit from supports available through the office of SOAR:  Strategies, Organization and Achievement Resources.  SOAR offers one-on-one time management strategy sessions and students can find a walk of academic success-related resources on the SOAR website.

Students with learning differences who are experiencing classroom and coursework-related challenges may wish to request academic accommodations through Access and Disability Services (ADS).


Please note that in order to have medications managed at the Wellness Center for ADD/ADHD, students must provide proof of testing justifying the diagnosis or prior records of treatment. Students interested in medication management of ADD/ADHD should first schedule an appointment with a counselor at the Wellness Center and then they will be referred to the appropriate medical provider for an evaluation. The Wellness Center medical providers do not prescribe stimulant medication.


Dickinson College does not provide testing for ADD/ADHD. Students with a long history of symptoms and/or other proof of a diagnosis may be considered, but in most cases we will require documentation before providing medication management for ADD/ADHD.  Students wishing to pursue testing through a care provider in the Carlisle area can contact Access and Disability Services to obtain a list of available options by emailing  

What if I am concerned about a student? 

Emergency Concerns

If you are ever concerned that there is a physical or mental health emergency, please call the Department of Public Safety at 717-245-1111 immediately. They have access to all the necessary resources at the college and how to utilize those in the community if needed.

General Concerns

If it is not an emergency, but you would like to pass along your concerns and/or have someone check on the wellbeing of a student, your best option is to contact one of the following offices, which are in the best position to assist in assessing the urgency of the concern and developing a plan for intervention, if needed:

  • Student Life Office (717) 245-1639
  • Office of Residential Life and Housing (717) 245-1556 
  • Department of Public Safety (717) 245-1349

In addition, if you believe that the college should be made aware of your concerns and/or intervention with a student is warranted, you should submit an online report to Dickinson's CARE Team, which can be done here:

Academic Concerns

If your concerns are primarily about a student’s academic functioning, contact the Office of Academic Advising (717) 245-1080.  You can also refer students to the office of SOAR: Strategies, Organization, and Achievement Resources, by emailing  

If a student with academic concerns also has academic accommodations or if you believe that a student’s academic issues may be related to an undisclosed disability, you should notify Marni Jones, Dean and Director of Access and Disability Services at 

Additional/Other Concerns

For other concerns or consultations, feel free to contact the Wellness Center staff. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee confidentiality for third party information and may need to disclose the information you provide to the student and/or others at the college in order to best manage the situation.

Treatment Providers

Do students see the same service provider for each visit? Depending on the nature of the concern, and availability, students are not assigned a primary care provider, and may be seen by different providers at each visit; however, students receiving routine care and/or follow up care may schedule an appointment with the same provider.

Counseling Services

Students seen for counseling are encouraged to work with the same provider for each visit. Students have the option to switch counselors if they do not feel that the provider they are seeing is a good fit. Students may do this by requesting it directly of the therapist they are seeing or by discussing it with the Executive Director. Multiple switches may be possible; however, this will require a meeting with the Executive Director to ensure that we can provide what the student is looking for and to assist with making an appropriate match.

Nutrition Services and Mental Health Medication Services are each provided by one clinician, therefore, students will be seen by the same provider for all appointments within those services. 

Visit Frequency: How often can students be seen at the Wellness Center? 

The Wellness Center, Student Health department functions like a primary care office whereby students are seen on a routine outpatient basis. There are no limits to the number of visits a student can utilize. Counseling and Psychiatric Services utilizes a brief counseling model, typically averaging 4-6 sessions a semester. Students in need of more intensive or more specialized services that exceed those offered through the Wellness Center may be referred to a community resource. In some cases, students may be recommended to return home for additional care. 

Community Resources: How can students find and get to appointments in the area? 

Students are welcome to seek treatment in the community. Please check with the student’s health insurance plan for a list of covered providers and/or see our community resources page for more information about what is available.

Students may utilize the college’s medical transportation services coordinated by the Department of Public Safety.  Please refer to the transportation section of their webpage.  

Student Health Insurance: Where can I find more information about the plan offered? 

The student health insurance plan is managed through the Student Accounts Office at the college. Please refer to the Student Health Insurance Information provided by Student Accounts for the most current information, and to learn how to enroll in the plan or reach a representative for assistance with related questions. 

Additional questions: If you need more information... 

Phone: (717) 245-1663