For Incoming Students

Pre-Admission Health Policy

Dickinson College requires that incoming students comply with the Pre-Admission Health Policy:  complete the online medical history form, complete the online TB Risk Assessment form, enter the dates from your immunization record form and provide documentation of the required immunizations.  A physical exam is optional.  
The deadline date for submitting the health forms for the Fall Semester is July 1, 2020.

Patient Portal

Please be aware that students will need to register for a new account through the Wellness Center Patient Portal (this is separate from the Gateway registration). This portal is for students only and will be used for confidential health communications between the students and providers. If you are a parent assisting your student through this process, please do not register on their behalf or have access to their confidential logon credentials. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or a problem with registration at or 717-245-1663 and our staff will be happy to assist you through the registration process.

Completing the Health Requirements

1.  Register for an account on the Patient Portal.  Please refer to the Patient Portal Registration Instructions.

2.  Review the Health Forms Guide.  This is provided to assist you with the health requirements.

3.  Log in to the Patient Portal and complete the medical history form and TB Risk Assessment form.  Specific details about the tuberculosis requirement is located below.

4.  Enter your immunization information on the Patient Portal and submit a copy of your healthcare provider's immunization record or the immunization record form by upload through the Patient Portal.  We will accept either the 
immunization record from your healthcare provider or the completed immunization record form signed by your healthcare provider.  Please Note:  The immunization requirement will not be complete until we have verified the
uploaded immunization information.

Pennsylvania Meningitis Law

A valid meningitis vaccine date within the past 3 years or the signed meningitis waiver form is required in order to be compliant with this immunization requirement according to PA state law.  If you choose to waive the vaccine, you must submit the meningitis waiver form by upload to the Patient Portal.  You should only sign the waiver form after you have read Pennsylvania's Meningitis Law on the Meningitis Information page.  You will find a link to the waiver form on the bottom of this information page.  

TB Screening

All students must complete the TB Risk Assessment form through the Patient Portal.  If you have answered "yes" to any of the questions, the Healthcare Provider form must also be completed and signed by your healthcare provider and uploaded to the Patient Portal.

Submitting the Completed Health Forms

The preferable method of submitting the health forms is by upload to the Patient Portal.  However, If you have trouble with uploading any of the forms on the Patient Portal, you may submit by email (, fax (717-245-1938), or mail to Dickinson College Wellness Center, P.O. Box 1773, Carlisle, PA 17013.

If you are having trouble with the forms or have any questions about the requirements, contact the Wellness Center by email or call (717) 245-1663 for assistance.

Important: Students who have not complied with the Pre-Admission Health Policy will not be able to directly check into their housing assignment upon arrival to campus.