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Community Resources

While the Wellness Center does not endorse any particular services, we have provided a list of available resources in Carlisle and the surrounding communities.


Visit the Community Provider Directory for a listing of local providers in the Carlisle and surrounding areas.


COVID-19 Vaccine Providers

If you are looking for information about how to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine, please check your eligibility at, and use the following links to local vaccine providers:

You can also continue checking the state's vaccine web page for other vaccine sites:


The following is a list of  local pharmacies. Please refer to your specific insurance policy or check if it requires you to use a specific pharmacy.

CVS Pharmacy
765 S W St, Carlisle 717-243-1384
841 E High St, Carlisle 717-243-1351
246 Westminster Dr, Carlisle 717-249-3509 (located in Target)

Giant Pharmacy
255 S Spring Garden St, Carlisle 717-249-8836

Holly Pharmacy
31 N Baltimore Ave, Mt. Holly Springs 717-486-5321

Medical Arts Pharmacy (located in Medical Arts Buidling)
220 Wilson St, Suite 100, Carlisle 717-906-1246

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
328 N Hanover St, Carlisle 717-258-5300

MGM Pharmacy
39 Carlisle Rd, Newville 717-776-3182

1000 Claremont Rd, Carlisle 717-249-2159

Quality Care Pharmacy (Can deliver to the Wellness Center)
1 Sprint Dr, Carlisle 717-249-5691

RiteAid Pharmacy
429 S. Hanover St, Carlisle 717-258-4800
1814 Spring Rd, Carlisle 717-249-7697
320 York Rd, Carlisle 717-245-0116

Smartmed Prescription Center
233 E. High St, Carlisle 717-243-9100


60 Noble Blvd, Carlisle 717-258-4252

Weis Pharmacy
351 E High St, Carlisle 717-245-2541