Sexual Health Services

  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexual health concerns
  • Routine sexual health exams
  • Routine laboratory testing includes routine STI testing (chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV) and pap smears
  • Diagnostic laboratory testing includes HPV, herpes, KOH/Wet Prep and urine pregnancy tests
  • Individual consultation, health education and prescription of birth control methods
  • Free internal and external condoms
  • HPV information and referral to pharmacy for vaccine administration
  • PreP information and prescription initiation

Testing Tuesday

  • Testing Tuesdays will be offered for students who require non-contact STI testing or a phone consultation to discuss STI testing.

Safe Sex Variety Bags

Safe Sex Variety Bags are available free of charge for contactless pick up in the Wellness Center foyer from 8:30 am -4:30 pm, Monday- Friday. 

They contain external condoms, internal condoms, flavored condoms,  lube and dental dams.  If a customized bag is desired, please call the Wellness Center to submit the customized request and pick up time. 



Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills are available, at discounted rates. An appointment with the nurse practitioner is required first. If we do not carry your brand, the nurse practitioner is able to send a prescription to a pharmacy electronically or provide a written prescription.

Read our Birth Control FAQ for the most frequently asked questions about birth control pills. 

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception (ECP or the morning after pill) is available on-site, and an appointment with the nurse practitioner is required in order for ECP to be dispensed. It is important to take the ECP within the first 72 hours for optimal effectiveness. ECP is now also available without a prescription at local pharmacies. The cost of ECP is higher at pharmacies, but is an option when the Wellness Center is closed and you are not to wafely wait until it reopens.

Birth Control methods:
Sexual Health Information: and