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Traditional Residence Halls

McKenney Suites

Exterior of McKenney residence hall.

The McKenney Suites are home to about 100 students in 8-person suites.  Each suite is made up of four double rooms off a shared common space, with a private bathroom in each suite.  The second floor suites have a high ceiling with exposed wooden beams.  It is the perfect combination of suite-style living while allowing students to remain in the flow of on-campus activity. The Suites have a shared laundry room and common room on the ground floor.  McKenney is located on Dickinson Walk adjacent to the Library.  


McKenney Room Dimensions

McKenney Room Photos

McKenney 360 Room Tour

McKenney Suite Tour Videos


Walls: Cinderblock or drywall 

Floors: Laminate in lounges; vinyl tile/sheet vinyl in bedrooms. 

Furniture: Each student will have a bunkable bed that can be adjusted (or flipped) for height, a dresser, a desk and desk chair, and a bookcase. Closets are built in and not moveable. Soft seating is available in lounges. 

A/C: Permanent wall units

Kitchen Facilities: Located in lounge space

Suite Room Bathroom Cleaning: Self-Cleaning

Laundry Facilities:  Located on the ground level

Style of Rooms:  10 eight person suites