The Next Steps

Psychology Study Abroad- The Next Steps

Initial discussions about study abroad should be with your academic advisor. Then, if you still have questions, you may want to meet with Prof. Barber, the advisor for all study abroad programs in psychology. Students thinking about study abroad should follow these steps:


Students should begin their search for study abroad programs by exploring the various possibilities in consultation with staff from the Center for Global Study & Engagement. Once a specific program has been identified, more information about that program can be obtained from the on-campus coordinator or program advisor for that program, or staff from the Center for Global Study & Engagement.


Talk to your academic advisor about the program you are interested in and the specific courses you would like to take. Discuss how that program and those courses fit into your plans as a psychology major and progress toward your degree.


Determine how specific psychology courses taken abroad transfer to the psychology major:

  • Dickinson programs in Australia, England, France, Denmark and Sweden: Lists of preapproved psychology courses and their specific Dickinson course equivalents can be found on the Department of Psychology webpage. 
  • All other programs: For psychology courses at other programs, including other Dickinson programs, it is important that you obtain conditional preapproval for each course before enrolling in that course. Email Prof. Barber with information about the course. including the institution, the course title, and a complete course description. You should attach as much supporting documentation as possible to that email: a syllabus, a document that includes the number and types of class sessions per week (e.g., lecture, seminar, tutorial, lab), course level and any prerequisites for the course.


Getting course credit. 

  • Dickinson programs in Australia, England, France, Denmark and Sweden: If the courses you took are on the preapproved list you do not need to do anything. Your courses will be automatically categorized per the preapproved list. You do not need to complete an Enrollment in Another Institution form.
  • All other programs: Bring the following to the meeting: an Enrollment in Another Institution form, copies of emails (or other documentation) showing conditional preapproval, the course syllabus, and copies of papers and other assignments your completed.