Six steps to declaring psychology as your major:

  1. Complete PSY201 or PSY210 with a passing grade.
  2. Download a Major Declaration Form or you may pick up a form at the registrar’s office.
  3. Fill in your Banner ID#, your name, and your major. Remember to sign and date it.
  4. Have your previous advisor sign your declaration form. 
  5. Deliver your form to Amy McMurdy, Kaufman 101 (ext. 1255) in the psychology department. An advisor will automatically be assigned to you. NOTE: You do not need to get the department chair's signature, and you do not need to find an advisor or get her/his signature.
  6. Your new advisor will contact you for a meeting at which  time she or he will sign the form. Before this meeting, please take the time to review the  Academic Planning Worksheet, and take a look at the Map of the Major.  After the meeting, you will take the completed major declaration form to the registrar's office.
Map of the major