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The Major

Five steps to declaring psychology as your major:

  1. Complete PSYC 210 with a passing grade.
  2. After you pass PSYC 210, Erin Slattery will email you with your newly assigned advisor. 
  3. Sign into your personal CLIQ page, click on Registrar, and then Registrar's Forms. Choose the "Major Declaration Form", complete all fields, and then click "Save" at the top right corner of the screen. 
  4. Your advisor will also receive an email indicating they have a form awaiting their acceptance. Once that professor completes their part, the next professor (i.e. new advisor or department chair), if needed, will receive an email. When all approvals are received, the Registrar’s Office will be notified to update your record. When complete, you will receive a final email. You can check the status of these forms in CLIQ at any time.
  5. Once the process is complete contact your new advisor to setup a meeting. Bring to the meeting a completed Academic Planning Worksheet. To fill-in the worksheet see which requirements you have already completed using Degree Works on Gateway. To see what classes the psychology department is offering in the future, click here.  You should consider studying abroad (note: you can see which courses have been preapproved to transfer into which Dickinson psychology courses) or doing an independent study (see more here). 

Welcome to the psychology major!