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Conducting Psychological Research

Please note that this site is mainly for conducting psychological research using human participants. 

The Psychology Department encourages all students to get involved in research as early as possible. Our faculty involve students in research in a variety of ways (i.e., for class credit, as paid assistants, or as volunteers). Much collaborative student-faculty research is presented at national and regional conferences, which is critical experience for getting accepted into graduate school and can give a boost for the job market.

To get involved, first check our faculty members’ research interests and see whose work best aligns with your interests. You should contact the professor you are interested in working with at least a semester before you want to begin.

Resources for Faculty & Student Researchers

  • Researcher Guidelines – Outlines the expectations that all researchers, faculty & students alike are held to
  • IRB – The oversight committee that monitors all studies to ensure that they are being conducted ethically
  • CITI – The site for researcher ethics training (Psychology students are required to complete two courses: Social & Behavioral Research Students and Social & Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research-RCR.
  • Qualtrics – A program for creating and distributing surveys.
  • Tips for Researchers – Provides many useful tutorials for using Microsoft Office programs, Adobe PDF, search engines, SPSS and more
  • Sona Systems – The platform for managing studies that collect data from the Psychology Department Participant Pool
  • Creating and Managing a Standard Lab Study – Tutorial for standard lab studies on the Sona System
  • Creating and Managing an Online Study – Tutorial for creating an online study that uses Qualtrics and automatically credits on the Sona System
  • Psi Chi Links for Conducting Research - Provides many different resources for students conducting psychological research