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What do Dickinson psychology majors do after they graduate?

In a recent survey of over 100 psychology major graduates from Dickinson, 79% of respondents reported finding jobs immediately following the completion of their degree. Thirty-two percent pursued graduate school in the semester following their graduation.

Visit the Psychology Department's FAQs About Graduate School web page to access further resources.

Job and Career Opportunities

Because Psychology is such an expansive field, there are job and career opportunities across a wide variety of domains. For example, you could start a career in academia, in industry, in health and human services, or at a non-profit. These broad categories are just the beginning. Visit the Psychology Department's Job and Career Opportunities web page below for a list of popular job posting sites that we like.

In addition to the sites that we provide, go to Dickinson's career management system, Handshake, to see opportunities within a network of companies and programs that are interested in employing Dickinson students. Handshake is available through the Gateway under "Academic Resources" or through the Career Center Resources.

In the last ten years, what types of graduate programs have alumni pursued?

Within psychology

Counseling: 19%
Clinical: 15%
School: 8%
Neuroscience: 6%
Behavior Analysis: 6%
Developmental: 4%
Industrial-Organizational: 2%
Experimental/Cognitive: 2%
Other Applied: 2%

Related programs

Education/Special Education: 13%
Medical School: 8%
Social Work: 6%
Law: 4%
Other (ex. Humanities, Public Affairs, etc.): 8%

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What job fields do Dickinson psychology majors end up working in?

Educational Applications: 26%
Human Services Emphasis: 25%
Business Emphasis: 25%
Scientific Applications (Research or Medicine): 7%
Behavior Analysis: 5%
Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology: 2%
Other: 8%

For more information about the paths Dickinson alumni have pursued, go to the *Career Center's webpage*.