Danish Institute for Study Abroad Partner Program: Stockholm, Sweden

Study Abroad in Scandinvia at Stockholm (DIS-Stockholm) offers English-language study abroad programs for American University students in their third of fourth year of study. Students take four classes, one of which is a core class that includes two faculty-led study tours for three days in Sweden or for a week in Europe. Students can also take Optional Study Tour Courses that include faculty-led trips travel to a European destination. Not affiliated with any particular coursework, students can also travel and experience Europe in a unique way through DIScovery trips. There are a variety of housing options designed to maximize flexibility ranging from home placement with a Swedish family, to living with other DIS students, to self-arranged independent housing. DIS-Copenhagen is a very popular study abroad option among psychology majors for its access to Europe and Scandinavian life and it is likely that DIS-Stockholm will be just as popular.

 All courses are only tentatively approved for transfer to Dickinson. Final approval will be granted pending the review of each course's actual syllabus.

Course Title Dickinson Course Equivalent
Core Courses  
*Affective Neuroscience: Emotions, Cognition, and Behavior AND Affective Neuroscience Lab*** PSYC 380
Forensic Psychology PSYC 180(2)
Forensic Psychology AND Forensic Psychology Lab*** PSYC 380
Positive Psychology PSYC 180(2)
Psychology of Food PSYC 180(2)
*Developing Brain: From Infancy to Adolescence PSYC 480
Power of the Mind: Psychology of Performance PSYC 180(Elective)
Psychology of Emerging Adulthood PSYC 180(2)
Psychology of Loneliness PSYC 480
Psychology of Political Behavior PSYC 180(3)
Research Assistant: Can Psychological Intervention Decrease Political Polarization? PSYC 560
Research Assistant: Early Brain Development in Autism Spectrum Disorder PSYC 560

* PSYC 125 is a required prerequisite.

**PSYC 125 or PSYC 130

***The grade will be averaged for the course and lab and transferred as a single course - PSYC380. Students signing up for this course and lab should take 3 additional DIS courses. 


Psychology courses offered on the DIS program (whether courses are listed here or not) will be counted as Dickinson courses’ and grades received for these courses will be factored into the student’s Dickinson GPA




  1. Students may take more than one PSYC 180 course at DIS. Courses noted as PSYC 180(1) fulfill the 100-level Group 1 requirement, courses noted as PSYC 180(2) fulfill the 100-level Group 2 requirement, and courses noted as PSYC 180(3) fulfill the 100-level Group 3 requirement.
  2. Students may take more than one PSYC 480 course, but only one PSYC 400-level and one PSYC 300-level course will transfer back as fulfilling psychology major requirements starting with students enrolling as first year students at Dickinson in fall 2022.
  3. Because differences exist in offerings between institutions, students are advised to choose psychology courses from the above pre-approved list.While other courses at DIS may be worthwhile and may complement a student's study of psychology, they will not typically transfer for credit as a psychology course. If a student chooses to take a course that has not been pre-approved, that student must request course approval from the Department of Psychology. The student should provide course syllabi, course descriptions, and samples of assignments in order for the Department to determine whether or not the student should receive Psychology credit for that course. Questions about Psychology course credit should be directed to Prof. Kingston.