University of Otago Partner Program: Dunedin, New Zealand



Students on the New Zealand program attend the University of Otago (UO), the first university established in New Zealand (1869). UO is located in Dunedin, on the South Island of New Zealand. UO has an estimated student enrollment of 21,000 students and has recently been awarded the top research university in the country. Classes, or "papers" as they are called in New Zealand, are grouped in levels, and levels 100-300 are undergraduate. Students will take 4 courses abroad.

Students will live at the Otago "flats," or apartments, which are located very close to campus. Dunedin is the second largest city on the South Island of New Zealand, and the climate is temperate, with mild summers and cool winters. The city is considered to be one of the four main cities in New Zealand for historic, cultural and geographic reasons. While no excursions are planned in advance, students will receive a stipend for cultural activities and independent excursions while abroad.

Offered First Semester

UO Course Number Course Title Dickinson Course Equivalent
PSYC 111 Brain and Behaviour PSYC 180(1)
PSYC 204 Justice, Race, and Class PSYC 180 (3)
PSYC 212 Social and Applied Psychology PSYC 140
PSYC 313 Cognition and Neuropsychology PSYC 480
PSYC 318 Developmental Psychology PSYC 480
PSYC 325 Psychology in Legal Contexts PSYC 480
PSYC 327 Psychology of Language PSYC 480

Offered Second Semester

UO Course Number Course Title Dickinson Course Equivalent
PSYC 112 Human Thought and Behaviour PSYC 180(3)
PSYC 203 Abnormal Psychology PSYC 165
PSYC 211 Brain and Cognition PSYC 130
PSYC 315 Social Psychology PSYC 440
PSYC 317 Biopsychology PSYC 425
PSYC 319 Comparative Cognition PSYC 480
PSYC 324 Health Psychology PSYC 480
PSYC 326 Cognitive Engineering  PSYC 480
PSYC 328 Behaviour Analysis in Real Life PSYC 480










Offered Full Year

UO Course Number Course Title Dickinson Course Equivalent
PSYC 310 Research Project PSYC 550

Courses Not Currently Offered

Courses Not Currently Offered
UO Course Number Course Title Dickinson Course Equivalent
PSYC 352 Contemporary Issues PSYC 480
PSYC 323 Sensation and Perception PSYC 480

Psychology courses offered on the New Zealand program (whether courses are listed here or not) will be counted as Dickinson courses. Grades received for these courses are factored into the student’s Dickinson GPA.  


  1. Students may take more than one PSYC 180 course at New Zealand. Courses noted as PSYC 180(1) fulfill the 100-level Group 1 requirement, courses noted as PSYC 180(2) fulfill the 100-level Group 2 requirement, and courses noted as PSYC 180(3) fulfill the 100-level Group 3 requirement.
  2. Students may take more than one PSYC 480 course at New Zealand, but only one PSYC 400-level and one PSYC 300-level course will transfer back as fulfilling psychology major requirements starting with students enrolling as first year students at Dickinson in fall 2022.
  3. Because differences exist in offerings between institutions, students are advised to choose psychology courses from the above pre-approved list. While other courses at New Zealand  may be worthwhile and may complement a student's study of psychology, they will not typically transfer for credit as a psychology course. If a student chooses to take a course that has not been pre-approved, that student must request course approval from the Department of Psychology. The student should provide course syllabi, course descriptions, and samples of assignments in order for the Department to determine whether or not the student should receive Psychology credit for that course. Questions about Psychology course credit should be directed to Prof Kingston.


Updated Oct. 2018