Reducing Waste in an Equitable Space

Free xchange

The Dickinson Free xChange aims to 1) reduce waste and promote reuse, 2) provide a safe and equitable space for the exchange of second-hand clothing on campus that is accessible to every Dickinsonian and 3) create awareness of the social, economic, and environmental impacts of the global fashion industry.

The Free xChange recognizes the variety of backgrounds, identities and experiences that exist in our community and we are dedicated to ensuring that this space remains an inclusive and equitable environment for everyone. Our goal is to make this a space where everyone can find what they need to express who they are or who they want to be. Discrimination and intolerance will not be permitted in this space.


Allison Hall, Room 2 (lowest level near community room)
Card Access: Behind Allison Hall 24/7
Please follow all safety & masking guidelines and help to sanitize space before leaving.

How it Works:

Free xChange is open to all students, faculty and staff. Dickinsonians are welcome to leave items in the provided donation box or take items from the Free xChange closets at any time.
If you are making a donation, please only donate clean items that are included in the list below. Hang and organize them. NO DUMPING.

Free xChange accepts clean and dry clothing of all sizes and styles including:

  • Tops: Shirts, sweaters, and suits
  • Bottoms: Pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses
  • Accessories: Jackets, scarves, belts, and gloves

Free xChange does NOT accept:

  • Appliances, electronics, and household items
  • Hats, shoes, and undergarments
  • Bedding

Open Free xChange events and educational programs provide opportunities to engage the broader campus in a culture of reuse and sustainability. Ultimately, Free xChange volunteers want to provide knowledge and resources to encourage members of the campus community to change their behavior to become more mindful consumers. It’s important to note that nothing will be sold, wasted, or landfilled in this program. Excess items will be donated to the United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County in partnership with the U-Turn Green Move Out Program. Dickinson Free xChange is managed by the Center for Sustainability Education, but is strongly supported by volunteers. Get involved today. Everyone is welcomed to participate in Free xChange and accessibility is critical to our mission. 

Program Contact:
Center for Sustainability Education (CSE)