Consortium for Sustainability

What Is the EcoLeague?

The EcoLeague is the only college consortium in the United States dedicated to sustainability education and the active pursuit of environmental studies within a liberal-arts framework. Dickinson was inducted into the 12-year-old multischool consortium in 2014.

EcoLeague colleges offer semester exchange programs that allow students of one school to study at another, giving them access to ecosystems throughout the nation and the world via their studies at:

These small liberal arts institutions all share similar missions and value systems based on environmental stewardship, social change and educating students to build a sustainable future.

And all of the EcoLeague colleges stress experiential education and global perspectives based on a sense of place so students are prepared to take on real-world challenges when they graduate and create sustainable communities wherever they choose to work. The EcoLeague is also open to faculty exchanges and summer field experiences.

Why Pursue Exchange With the EcoLeague?

Our membership in the EcoLeague provides Dickinson students with a format to complete a semester exchange with a partner program in the consortium.

Dickinson's strategic plan indicates that we recognize that responsible citizenry requires the prudent use of resources of all types and that educating for sustainability requires a holistic approach to decision making which embodies liberal-arts education and promotes and engaged community. These efforts should not be bound by our campus boundaries and will be expanded with our partnership with the other EcoLeague schools.

Each partner institution offers unique resources, course offerings, faculty areas of interest and research opportunities. In addition, they are all housed in different ecosystems.

This process is designed for Dickinson students to easily access sustainability resources at other liberal-arts colleges. 

Directions to locate course listings at each institution are available here.

Application Process & Information

Jorden Hayes, assistant professor of Earth Sciences, serves as the Dickinson liaison to the program and can answer any questions from Dickinsonians about the process.

Applications are completed through the Center for Global Study & Engagement's Studio Abroad program.

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Application Requirements:

Students are required to submit the following as part of their application.

  • Essay describing how the EcoLeague experience fits into your academic career plans and what you hope to gain from the experience.
  • Copy of insurance card
  • Unofficial transcript (GPA of 2.6 or better)
  • Academic advisor approval
  • Medical form
  • Room & board acknowledgement (*students responsible for arranging room & board on own)
  • Application fee of $35


EcoLeague Coordinator
Primary Email:

Phone: (717) 254-8381