EcoLeague Resources for Faculty

Conference Connections 

Attending a professional conference? Connect with a colleague from an EcoLeague school for lunch or dinner, and EcoLeague will pick up the tab. 

To promote relationship building and collaborations among EcoLeague schools, the EcoLeague consortium will reimburse faculty and staff who connect for a meal while they are attending a conference or workshop.

To make a conference connection, send a message to identifying your position, the conference you will be attending, and when you will be in attendance at the conference.

The EcoLeague Consortium Director will track conference attendees and notify you if colleagues from other EcoLeague schools will be attending the same conference. Or, you can reach out to peers yourself, and then turn in the receipt to the EcoLeague Consortium Director afterwards with the names of who attended the meal.  

Faculty Development Grant Program

Want to collaborate on a project that crosses bio-regions and institutions but need additional funds to do so? The EcoLeague wants to help.

This program exists to promote collaborative teaching, curricular development and scholarly opportunities for EcoLeague faculty members. To help encourage and facilitate collaboration, faculty have access to a grant program to support faculty-initiated and collaborative curricular, creative research or service projects across the member colleges.

Grant Award Criteria

 To be eligible for consideration, projects must:

  • Involve faculty from at least two EcoLeague institutions;
  • Highlight interdisciplinary, integrative, experiential or applied approaches;
  • Results in a linked class, collaborative course, curricular program proposal, scholarly or creative presentation or publication;
  • Include a plan for continued sustainability of the initiative, when appropriate.

 Guidelines (Maximum 3 Pages)

  • Narrative grant proposals should be three pages or less and must include the following:
  • Project title;
  • Names, titles, and home institutions of the project participants;
  • Overview of project and a description of its significance;
  • Goals, objectives and outcome(s) of the project;
  • Implementation plan and timeline;
  • Budget (including costs associated with the project and stipends, if applicable).
  • Typically, grant awards will not exceed $3,500.

Applications for EcoLeague Grants are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

Grant proposals should be converted into a PDF and mailed to

Questions may also be forwarded to the Consortium Director. You can look at descriptions of previous winning grants on the Faculty Page of the EcoLeague website.