Current Residents

Spring 2022 Treekids

Saoirse Elder
Saoirse Elder (she/her) is a Junior living in Treehouse. She is from Southeast Virginia and is a philosophy major. She is a leader of the Queer Student Union and loves music, especially bands/artists like the Mars Volta, Nai Palm, and Björk. Her favorite activities are hanging out with her partners and cooking.

Saoirse Elder


Joseph Gelula

Joseph Gelula is a senior Political Science and Middle East Studies double major. This is his first semester at Treehouse (wow). He's also involved in the Crescendevils a cappella choir, Carlisle Sunrise, and Dickinson Dems! He's passionate about pursuing social and economic justice and keeping his dumb plants from dying.

Gelula 1


Amber Holmes

Hi I’m Amber!! I’m a future super senior from rural Maine. I go by she/her/hers and am an environmental science major with a food studies certificate. In my free time you’ll find me porch sitting outside of Treehouse, loving on my friends, or traveling wherever I can. This is my first year in the Treehouse and I’m so happy to be a part of the house community!



Emily Ibañez Arroyo

Emily Ibañez Arroyo (she/her/ella) is a current junior with a double major in Neuroscience and WGSS with an Art History minor. She is the current Dickinson Student Senate Director of Inclusivity. She enjoys reading, puzzling, journaling, walking around Carlisle, and working in town!



Reece Ishiyama

Reece Ishiyama (they/them) is a junior living in Treehouse. They are a Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major. This is their 3rd semester as part of Treehouse. Last semester they were abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Reece also works as an English Writing tutor at the Eberly Wells Writing Center and is interning at the Dickinson Archives on the LGBT History Project. They are apart of QSU (Queer Student Union) and enjoy things like painting or playing board games in their free time.



Beth Keenan

Beth Keenan has lived in tree house for one semester during her senior year. She headed Sunrise Dickinson over the pandemic and majors in education studies. She loves biking and dolphins and learning about sustainable food systems.



Arianne Lilley

Hi, I’m Arianne Lilley (they/she)! I’m a senior psychology major with creative writing and philosophy minors. The loves of my life- just to name a smidgen- are Taoism, singing, cats, and the moment when the sky and the clouds and the sun are in a perfect state for a rainbow. I’m on exec for PALS (sex positivity club), Sunrise Carlisle, and I’m part of QSU (Queer Student Union), Radicals and Outing Club. Nice to meet you!




Sophie Mahoney

Sophie Mahoney is one of the house managers at Treehouse. She is from Pennington, NJ. She works as the biking intern at CSE and is a sociology and classical studies double major. She has her own radio show and loves listening to music- especially from her favorite bands Hippo Campus, The Strokes and the Grateful Dead. When she’s not vibing at treehouse with the tree fam, she’s drinking coffee, fixing bikes at The Handlebar or doing puzzles.



Kathryn Stonesmyth

Kathryn (she/her) is one of the treehouse house managers. She is a senior Environmental Studies Major, Spanish minor. This is her 6th semester in the Treehouse (how did THAT happen?!). She loves singing in the Dickinson College choir and working in the GIS lab. Her big passion is organizing with the local Sunrise Hub. She spends a lot of her time working on her senior thesis on thermal inequity in Carlisle. But in her free time she enjoys crocheting, hanging out with friends and hiking!



Brendon Subramanian

Brendon Subramanian is a 20 year old senior pursuing his bachelor’s in chemistry. His hobbies include digital and traditional art, drinking too much coffee, and doing chemistry research. His favorite animals are sharks and he’ll absolutely tell you all about them if you ask. Brendon is a repeat Treekid since he lived in the house last semester and is thrilled to be back for his final college semester.



Sarah Wood

Hi!! I’m Sarah Wood :) I’m an Environmental Science and Earth Sciences double major. Rocks and plants are life <3 I also enjoy constantly changing mine and others’ hair.