Baird Colloqium

The Spring 2014 and 2015 Baird Honors Colloquiums, taught by Neil Leary, Director of the Center for Sustainability Education, focused on creating collaborations. Baird Fellows worked collaboratively on creating an interactive resource map of sustainability-related organizations, businesses, resources and places in conjunction with the Greater Carlisle Project. Additionally, they shared research and project interests, participated in a grant writing project, and created digital portfolios. Workshop participation included an active listening, leadership, and conflict resolution.

The Spring 2013 Baird Honors Colloquium, a team-taught, interdisciplinary course was focused around a Dickinson sponsored lecture series, Living in a World of Limits. Baird Fellows explored questions about multiple dimensions of sustainability with Dickinson faculty and guest speakers Bill McKibben, David Orr, Michael Shellenberger and others, assembled portfolios of their sustainability work, and participated in workshops for grant writing and conflict resolution.