Green Living

Eco-Reps serve as peer educators to encourage sustainable living. Check out these resources for green living.

Green Devil Certification

The Green Devil Certification program allows Dickinsonians to become certified according to their level of commitment to living sustainably. After completing the online certification survey, they are awarded bronze, silver, gold, or platinum certification and receive recognition. Dickinsonians who become certified then serve as positive examples in their communities and become part of a network for advancing sustainability at Dickinson. 

All Eco-Reps should be Green Devil Certified. As Dickinsonians strive to become certified, they can turn to their Eco-Reps for advice or guidance on how to live more sustainably. Additionally, Eco-Reps encourage others and inspire their constituents to become certified.

Green Living Tips

Did you know that making a few small changes to your routine can make a big difference for your environmental impact? Check out this handy student-produced publication, the Green Living Guide at Dickinson.

Green Packing List

Whether you're a first-year or a senior, packing for school can be stressful. And to make matters worse, it can have a pretty gnarly environmental impact. Check out this Greener Packing List to eliminate stress for yourself and the planet!