Past Program Agendas

Connecting Faculty to Local Resources

The Dickinson Valley & Ridge Program has been hosted every May from 2008-2016.

Some of the faculty and staff collaborators have included:

  • Jeffery Niemitz, Professor, Earth Science
  • Timothy Wahls, Professor, Computer Science
  • Jenn Halpin, Director, Dickinson College Organic Farm
  • Julie Vastine, Director, ALLARM
  • Carol Loeffler, Professor, Biology
  • Pete Sak, Professor, Earth Sciences,
  • Candie Wilderman, Professor, Environmental Studies
  • Gene Wingert, Professor, Biology/Environmental Studies,
  • Susan Rose, Professor, Sociology/Community Studies Center
  • Shalom Staub, First-Year Dean, Academic Affairs

The project is coordinated by the Center for Sustainability Education.

  • Neil Leary, Director, Center for Sustainability Education
  • Lindsey Lyons, Assistant Director, Center for Sustainability Education