Honoring Excellence in Sustainability

2015 Baird Sustainability Photos

In October 2014, seniors from all majors and all academic divisions were invited to apply for candidacy as Baird Sustainability Fellows, a college-wide honors program. The Baird Sustainability Fellows program recognizes graduating seniors who have advanced sustainability goals on or beyond the Dickinson campus through excellence in scholarship, leadership and service. This college-wide honor, named for Spencer Fullerton Baird, a prominent naturalist of the 19th century and Dickinson alumnus and professor, is in its third year.

Twelve Class of 2015 applicants met the rigorous standards of the honor, as determined by an interdisciplinary selection committee, and were accepted to participate in the half-credit Baird Honors Colloquium. The Spring 2015 colloquium will be a unique, interdisciplinary course focused on collaborative projects, advancing student research and professional interests, and building skills for a sustainable world.

Selection of candidates, and award of the Baird Sustainability Fellow honor, was decided on the following criteria:

  • Attainment of advanced level sustainability competencies and dispositions through academic work, practice and a scholarly, extracurricular, creative or service project.
  • Evidence of a substantial scholarly or service project of exceptional quality, significance and impact that is related to sustainability.
  • Demonstrated leadership in advancing sustainability goals of a campus or community group or project.
  • High scholastic achievement, as evidenced by a 3.4 or higher GPA.
  • Character and behavior that exemplify the values of civic responsibility, environmental stewardship, social justice and global perspective.

The Center for Sustainability Education (CSE), Kaufman 190
Neil Leary, Director, learyn@dickinson.edu, 717.245.1954
Lindsey Lyons, Assistant Director, lyonsli@dickinson.edu, 717.245.1117