Current Residents

Treekids Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Treekids

Ben Eppinger:

Ben Eppinger is a sophomore earth science major from Pittsburgh PA. This is his second semester in the treehouse and he is super pumped about it. On campus you can usually find him chilling in the ceramics studio, or in the treehouse kitchen fulfilling his role as the human composter. He also enjoys biking, skiing, pretending to be Benjamin Rush, and hanging out with friends and family

Billy Irving:

Billy irving is a student. Billy Irving is a student in his third year of study at Dickinson College. Billy Irving is a student in his third year of study at Dickinson college studying in the earth sciences and russian departments. Billy Irving has just returned from Moscow after studying there for a semester. Billy Irving had a lovely time there, but Billy Irving is happy to be back at Dickinson, and happy to be back with his friends at the Treehouse. Billy Irving loves movies. Billy irving loves books. Billy Irving loves riding watching trains. Billy Irving loves bread. Milly Tirving loves punk music. Milly Tirving loves his hometown, upper Darby Pennsylvania. Billy Irving loves early 20th century russian art, literature, and music. On campus, Nilly Irving enjoys writing for the square, and working at the writing center. Billy Irving is also a exec board member of Treeclub.

Emma Weaver:

Emma is a junior environmental studies major and sociology minor from Arlington, VA. On campus she is is the Media Intern for the Center for Sustainability Education. This is Emma’s fourth semester in the Treehouse and her favorite part of living there is the close community. Emma enjoys coffee shops, sleeping in way too late, and singing off key at Treehouse open mics. 

Katie Gimbert:

Katie is a senior Environmental Science major from McLean, Virginia.  This is her third semester living in the house.  On campus, Katie is an Army ROTC cadet and a barista at the Peddler, Dickinson’s student run coffee shop on wheels.  In her free time she is an avid reader and athlete.  Her all-time favorite book is a tie between Fields of Fire by James Webb and The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe but is currently hooked on the Outlander series.  On any given day you can find her cuddled up on a couch with a fresh cup of coffee and a book or flying around Carlisle on her cherry apple red Cannondale bike.  Following graduation Katie will be working at the Commercial Spaceflight Federation in Washington D.C. before leaving for U.S. Army flight school at Ft. Rucker Alabama in the Fall.

Katie Overstrum:

Katie is a sophomore environmental science major from Wallingford, CT. She is beyond excited for her second semester of fun and snuggles in the treehouse! You’d be likely to find her somewhere outside, as she is involved as a student farmer on the Dickinson College Farm and as an ultimate frisbee player on Jive. In her free time, she enjoys running long distances, biking, swimming, mowing the treehouse lawn, people watching on the porch swing, and playing the harmonica.

Kendra Beaver:

Kendra is a sophomore from Danbury, Connecticut, and she is super excited for her second semester living in the Treehouse! She is an Environmental Science major pursuing a minor in Political Science. On campus, she is the President of the Arts Collective and the Secretary of the Environmental Studies Majors Committee. During the academic year, Kendra works at Carlisle’s local food bank (which is conveniently right next door to the House), Project SHARE, as an intern in the Education & Community Outreach Department. In addition to spending time with friends and family, Kendra loves cheese, painting with watercolors, spending time outside, and all things Disney.

Madie Ritter:

Madie, a junior, is enthusiastically pursuing a double major in Religion and Environmental Science. When she's not busy reading ancient religious texts or working at CSE as the Biking intern, Madie loves to care for her plethora of plants, ride her bike(s), read poetry in the sun, and immerse herself in good music. She hails from outside of Pittsburgh, but will peacefully admit that Philly is a pretty cool city too - especially since its the birthplace of The War on Drugs, one of her favorite bands (who just won a Grammy, hoorah!) This is her fourth semester in the Treehouse, and although she hates the cold, the frosty winters in the house haven't gotten her down yet! 

Madigan Kay:

Madigan is a senior Italian Studies major with a Food Studies Certificate hailing from the bustling metropolis of Brunswick Maine.  This is her second semester living in the Treehouse and she is excited to make the most of it with her fellow Treekids.  On campus she is a First Year Mentor, president of the Italian Club and a Baird Sustainability fellow.  In her spare time she can be found breaking it down to her favorite song, I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd, watching videos of turtles eating strawberries, or learning Georgian vocabulary from her roommate, Mariam.  

Mariam Kapanadze: 
Mariam is a junior psychology major from the Republic of Georgia, but she has been living in New York for past two years.  This is her second semester living in the treehouse. On campus, she is secretary for Dickinson French club where she has mastered the art of crepe making. She also teaches kids at local non-profit organization. Her hobbies include listening to music, talking about her country, and napping with her roommate (26 minute perfect naps). With the help from her fellow treekid, Mariam recently discovered that she also loves dancing to a punk rock and evening Jazzercising. One of her goals is to travel the world and go whitewater rafting in every country she visits. If not in the library, she can be found on her porch , talking to her plants, and  if you ever walk by, you are welcome to join them.

Max Lee:

Maxwellmillion is a junior environmental science and biology double major from North Reading, Massachusetts. This is his fourth semester living in the treehouse, but it seems like just yesterday he was forgetting where the measuring cups are located in the kitchen (although that might be more of a testament to his bad memory and the confusing state of the kitchen). Normally, he can be found digging through compost at the Dickinson College Farm, whizzing down hills somewhere in the Cumberland valley on his bike, or breaking drum sticks at the Jam Space shack. He also has the magical ability to turn any meal he cooks into a vegetable stir fry with rice and beans.

Nick Long:

Nick Long is a junior biology major from Acton, MA. This is his first semester living in the Treehouse! He enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and doodling. On campus, he plays ultimate frisbee with the Jive Turkeys, tries to make art with The Arts Collective, and works with The Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) as a Lab Coordinator. Nick’s work at ALLARM has gotten him especially excited about cultivating scientific and conservation literacy through public engagement and citizen science. Nick loves the ocean and damaging his eyes by staring directly at sunsets for too long.

Paige Baisley:

Paige Baisley is starting her sophomore year as an Environmental Science major and a Math minor. She is from the amazing town of Beacon, New York. If she is not inside curled up with a good book and a cup of tea, then she is outside with her toes in the mud and her head in the clouds. Paige's favorite hobbies include biking, running, hiking, and cooking. Over the summer Paige worked collecting and identifying mosquitos for Zika research through the New York State Department of Health. She is a self proclaimed nut butter addict. Although her initials (PB) may lead you to believe that she favorites peanut butter, she does not discriminate amongst nut butters and enjoys all of them equally. 

Rachael Moore:

Rachael is a senior Earth Sciences and Environmental Science double major. She is currently working in the Environmental Studies Department as the Lab and Logistic Assistant. Rachael is a Type One Diabetic who is passionate about diabetes advocacy, insulin accessibility, and diabetes education (ask her about her insulin pump!). She can be found at the Peddler getting coffee, at the farmer’s market, or in a lab in Kaufman. She loves rocks, yoga, and matcha lattes. This is her 4th semester living in the house, and she enjoys seeing the community dynamic change each semester.

Sam Waltman:

Sam Waltman is a sophomore from Lexington, Kentucky currently studying history and education. In between managing his kit kat addiction and fantasy football team, Sam works as biking intern for the Center for Sustainability. This is Sam's first semester in the treehouse, and is excited to now have a space to put his bikes. Sam loves riding bikes (you might have figured that out by now), watching movies and reading. Sam thinks that George Clooney is just the best.