Current Residents

Spring 2014 Treehouse Residents

Spring 2014

Sam Bogan is a sophomore biology major. He hails from Hastings-on-Hudson, a small town north of New York City along the Hudson River. Some of the things that keep him going are writing music, exploring, and any activity centered around water (swimming, sailing, etc.). He came to the Treehouse to develop a more sustainable lifestyle. On campus, he works with EarthNow, SHOP, and the Idea Fund.

Kenze Burkhart is a junior archaeology and anthropology double major, focusing on biological anthropology. She loves flannel, folk music, good books, cookies, and outdoor adventures. Her favorite authors are Oscar Wilde, Henry David Thoreau, and John Muir. Kenze is also involved in Outing Club and is an intern for the Center for Sustainability Education.

Christine Burns is a senior environmental science major with a focus on water. She is the Eco-Reps supervisor for the Center for Sustainability Education and a member of the Outing Club. She is an avid fiddle player. Last spring, she studied abroad in Tanzania.

Tucker Deady is a senior archaeology and anthropology double major. She love going on adventures whether they be in a foreign country or right in her backyard. Hiking, swimming, biking, and skiing are her favorite activities. She also enjoy cooking, playing guitar and hanging out with fellow Treekids. This year, she is the Treasurer of the Outing Club and VP of Chimera Club.

Caitlin Doak is is a sophomore philosophy major and women's and gender studies and environmental studies minors. She loves running, hiking, yoga, and homemade beauty products. Her favorite past-time is singing Disney songs with her friends. Caitlin is also involved in Outing Club, the Feminist Collective, Common Ground, and EarthNow.

Mackenzie Johnson is a sophomore policy management and Spanish double major. She takes part in the Sustainable Food Committee, the Idea Fund, and is a new volunteer for Farm Cook Eat. She enjoys cats, dancing, cooking, and being alive. 

Will Kochtitzky is an environmental and earth sciences double major. He is involved with EarthNow, ReInvest Dickinson, SHOP, and is also a student farm worker. For fun, Will enjoys climbing and hiking with the Outing Club and his friends. Will also serves on the President's Commission for Environmental Sustainability.

Silvana Kreines is is a sophomore Archaeology major from Brooklyn, NY who loves making music, scuba diving, traveling, crocheting, sculpting and cooking. On campus, she is a part of various ensembles and clubs like the student coordinated jazz trio and jazz quintet, Astronomy club, Orchestra, Outing Club and many others. She also enjoys creating art out of recycled materials (bottle caps, old buttons, etc) and really any activity that involved being by water or in the mountains.

Emily Lehman is a senior studio art major, with a focus in oil painting. She enjoys reading, gardening, crafting, listening to and finding music, and new adventures. She is fond of storytelling and a good cup of tea. 

Anna McGinn is a senior environmental studies major from Massachusetts.  She loves all things outdoors especially hiking, climbing, and skiing.  She is an intern for the Center for Sustainability Education and enjoys being involved with sustainability initiatives and campaigns on campus.  In her free time, she can usually be found cooking, practicing the guitar, or on the trail.

Andrew McGowan is is a sophomore biochemistry and molecular biology major with a minor in philosophy. Outside of school, he enjoys reading, carving, playing squash, bagpiping, and playing with animals (mostly flying squirrels). He is a Lab Coordinator at the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) who also works with Reinvest Dickinson.

Eric Neumeister is junior international studies major with a concentration in security studies. He also studies languages, mainly German, French, and Arabic, and studied abroad in Amman, Jordan. He loves coffee, the Chicago Cubs, John Steinbeck, Mock Trial, sundry podcasts, and words like "sundry."

Sam Pollan is a senior environmental studies major focusing on climate change and sustainable development. He enjoys rock climbing, photography, and traveling, and will never pass up an opportunity to turn the treehouse into a giant blanket fort.

Amanda Vandenburg is a senior environmental studies major, with a focus on sustainability in society.  She enjoys baking and crocheting warm hats for her housemates, as well as drinking endless cups of tea.