Muhammad Burhan '21

Muhammad Burhan

Muhammad Burhan

Muhammad Burhan

Muhammad Burhan '21 merges studies in mathematics, computer science, economics and health studies to prepare to solve 21st-century challenges around the world.


Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


Mathematics and computer science, with an economics minor and pre-med.


John Dickinson Scholarship.

Clubs and organizations:

Sustainability data analyst intern (Center for Sustainability Education)Service Trip leader; library services consultant; vice president for Muslim Educational and Cultural Association; phonathon caller; “Big” for the big/little program of WIND.

Favorite movie:

Sanju (Bollywood movie).

Favorite learning experience:

My favorite learning experience at Dickinson has been the global and civic engagement opportunities. In my first year, not only did I travel internationally for service trips, but I also attended at least three conferences and networking events in big metropolitan cities of the U.S. Opportunities like these helped me to groom myself into a polished individual, nurtured my aspirations and prepared me to be a leader by developing strong intellectual and personal skills.

Favorite Dining Hall food:

Chicken Corn Soup.

On choosing a major:

I always wanted to challenge myself in a way I can apply my qualitative and quantitative skills to solve social, political, environmental or health issues around the world. My majors and minors along with a strong liberal-arts curriculum makes me a strong critical thinker and problem solver who strives to effect a positive change in the community. This diversity of skills in my major inspires me to use them as a tool to help people in my country.

Favorite place on campus:

Waidner-Spahr Library

Most important thing you’ve learned so far:

Having a diverse student body and curriculum at Dickinson, the most valuable thing that I have learned is cultural competency and working with people who are different than me. This has made me a strong believer in “Unity in Diversity.” I thank Student Life and many other organizations working at Dickinson for promoting inclusivity on campus and bringing people of different backgrounds, faiths and gender identities together.

Favorite professor:

My computer science advisor, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Farhan Siddiqui, is one of my favorite professors. She is from India, and it feels good to talk to her in my native language and learn more about India.

Research experiences:

I am doing research this semester on investigating the use of natural resources in an underdeveloped community in Pakistan.

Study abroad plans:

Europe is one of my favorite travel destinations. Therefore, I plan to study next fall in Norwich, England.

About my internship:

I interned as a research analyst intern in summer 2018 with Multinet, a multinational company that provide tech solutions in Pakistan and in other countries in Asia.

About your Dickinson experience:

As a first generation student, I am very thankful and proud that I got to attend a private liberal-arts institution abroad, thousands of miles away from home, on a full scholarship. This scholarship not only change my life, but also lives of hundreds of people in my community who see me as an inspiration. I founded a nonprofit, Roshan Soch, in Pakistan to help revolutionize the curriculum in public schools. So far, 23 schools have benefited from the work of Roshan Soch. Moreover, the opportunities in research, internships, conferences and other extracurriculars are turning millions of students into nurtured aspiring leaders, equipped with skills needed to bring positive change in the 20th century.

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Published February 10, 2019