General Information

The Pre-Health Program is administered jointly by the Committee for the Health Professions and by the Career Center. Any student who is interested in a career in the health professions (medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, nursing, etc.), should contact the Career Center as soon as possible. At the beginning of the academic year, first year students who have expressed an interest in a health related career receive a notice to attend an informational meeting. At this meeting, information regarding required course work and the Pre-Health advising program will be covered and interested individuals will be added to the list of Pre-Health students.

Each student is assigned one of the committee members as his or her Pre-Health Advisor. The advisor will work with the student each semester on course selection and will draft the Committee letter of recommendation when the student applies to professional school. The Committee also provides advice and prepares evaluations for students interested in any of the health professions. The pre-health advisor in the Career Center supports all pre-health students with health career information as well as provides encouragement as requested by students during the application and interview process. 

The majority of students who are accepted into medical school major in one of the sciences. Pursuing a major outside the sciences is possible, but students must show their ability to do superior work in biology, chemistry, and physics. If planning to attend professional school immediately following graduation, students in all majors should plan to finish the science courses by the end of the junior year in order to be prepared for the Medical College Admission Test, or other professional exam which should be taken in the spring of the junior year.